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The Tingling with LipSense

I'm slowly writing up posts about what I learnt from P.I.T. STOP back in September but there are a couple of extra things that don't really have a place so I thought I would quickly share a few tips about LipSense which I felt were important to remember. Especially when it comes to the tingling sensation.

LipSense Lip Colour creates a permeable membrane which allows the gloss to penetrate and be absorbed by the lips.

The tingling sensation that some people feel on initial application is due to microscopic cuts in the lips surface. These are formed as the lips are extremely dehydrated which could either be from not drinking enough water, using wax based lip products previously or even a mixture of the two.
LipSense is delivered via a denatured alcohol system. This system is amazing because it is an antibacterial and kills 99% of bacteria in the tube but  this is the reason it may hurt a little bit. The microscopic cuts mean that the lips have open nerve endings, which is why there is a sharp sensation sometimes. While this may not sound great, it's actually quite amazing because it will remove the bacteria so the pain is actually healthy for your lips.

LipSense also help exfoliate your lips regularly and finally, the best thing is that it minimises wrinkles. The cells plump up naturally as healthy cells brought to the surface by exfoliation.