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UK 2020 Sign Up Options!

The Senegence or SheerSense opportunity is your chance to create the life that you want by becoming an independent Distributor of SheerSense Cosmestics and Skincare. Start the dream career you have always wanted with full support and training from your team at Hannah's Hustlers and Jalynn's Beauty Force Squad. There are many benefits associated with signing up as a distributor which you can read here and you can also make the business what you want . The UK now has three sign up options, costing different amounts. With all options, you have the rights to sell SeneGence products in the UK and Republic of Ireland, a unique Distributor ID Number plus the Right to Purchase SeneGence products at discounted rates. You will also get support, training and marketing advice, your own website and will earn commissions from downlines. Option 1: £35 - Personally, I wouldn't recommend this package because in terms of value for money, for an additional £50 you get so much more.

Fly Girl and Honey Rose Ombre!

I couldn't resist sharing one of my favourite ombre looks this week, with Fly Girl being our Colour of the Week! I love how subtle this ombre is with Fly Girl on the outer and Honey Rose on the inner lip. This create a much fuller lip look and helps make them look bigger. You can further extenuate this by overlining the lips slightly too!

In Bloom Collection (Limited Edition)

Bold colors meet softly shimmering hues! Inspired by the bright reds, soft pinks, and delicate whites found in a Japanese cherry blossom, the new, limited edition In Bloom Collection transports you straight to a beautiful botanical garden. With a stunning LipSense shade, a gorgeous Gloss, and a versatile ShadowSense color, you’ll be sure to create looks that let your natural beauty bloom. If you buy the collection in full, you also get a free Ooops! Remover. Don't forget, this is a great non-drying remover to take off LipSense at the end of the day or to eliminate LipSense mistakes. Plus, a free white metallic bag too. Red Lantern LipSense : a matte, bold cranberry red color with cool undertones. Cherry Blossom Gloss : a lightly tinted, cool shimmering pink gloss with gold glitter. Moonbeam Shimmer ShadowSense : a metallic shimmering white shade.

Colour of the Week: Fly Girl!

This week's Colour of the Week is Fly Girl LipSense. You can purchase it for just £18.70, which is an incredible 15% off retail price, the maximum we can legally do as distributors. In other words, you can't purchase it for any cheaper. I think everyone knows that Fly Girl is my favourite red, but did you know that it was originally created for British Airways? It's described as a rich, warm cherry-red colour with a matte finish. Best of all, it's a shade that suits anyone's skin colour and I love that you can dress it up or dress it down.

ShadowSense Basics on Application!

A bonus post today because we're a Saturday short this month! One of the hardest aspects for me when I first started using ShadowSense was learning how to use it and where to place the colours, because I was so used to just simple put a single shade all over my lid. There's nothing wrong with that, and in fact, I still do it! But for the times I want to re-create a more "wow factor" look, I needed some further advice. The image below covers, how to apply, where to apply and what to use!

Mixing your own ShadowSense Shade!

Just like with LipSense, you can mix ShadowSense shades to create your own unique colour. To do this, you are best using an artists pallette but you can also just use your arm - although, be prepared to have a mark left over! Simply take a swipe of the colours you want to mix and swirl with a brush until happy. This means two things! You can lighten and darken ShadowSense colours really simply and also create new shades by mixing ShadowSense colours. This is great for creating more wearable looks, but also for when there isn't a shade that quite fits your outfit. However, you can also mix ShadowSense with our other products because it's a creme-to-powder product. This means you can add it to foundation, pearlizer and best of all, BlushSense!

How and Why to Spot Fake Products!

Beware of counterfeit products! Fake LipSense is being made regularly and it makes me really sad to see customers fall for it. We all know people like to get the most for their money and search for the best value, but Senegence products are high end and quality and therefore cost slightly more, although are some of the most cost effective products in the long term. It is also illegal to be sold for more than 15% off retail price, so if you're finding it for more than that, stay clear! These fake products can often be found on Wish, eBay or Amazon, which is also illegal as we can't sell on websites with a basket, bar official sites. If you do come across these, please know it will not perform like the real LipSense and who knows what ingredients it is made of. I’ve read China and other manufacturing countries making fake cosmetics with mercury, lead, cyanide and human urine. All of these are dangerous. They are also made in poor environment where they can be contaminated w

Samon LipSense Layer Creations!

Switching things up a little this week and instead of showing a ombre lip look like the last to weeks, here's the simplest way to create additional colours...through layering ! It's super easy to layer because LipSense is applied in 3 separate layers. Both these show how versatile the colours are and use one layer of Samon as the third and final layer. Bella creates a more browner shade, whereas Purple Reign turns it into a lovely hot pink! Through layering, you can create shades that are very similar to individual colours without buying each shade itself, therefore saving money!

Mini Pearlizer Get Glowing (Limited Edition)

Mini Pearlizer's have been released in three brand new shades! This Get Glowing Limited Edition Collection helps you look luminous and luxe with the new. The collection features three fresh shades of MakeSense Pearlizer perfect for blushing, bronzing, and highlighting the face, giving your complexion a gorgeous, glowing finish overall. Each buildable shade is available in a 0.5 fl oz/14 ml mini size, so you can collect every hue with ease! It also comes with a gorgeous free Holographic Clear Bag if you buy all three. Firefly : A medium pink shade with glowing golden pearl. Ember : A rich, luminescent copper bronze. Moonstone : An iridescent, opalescent sheer lavender.

Colour of the Week: Samon!

This week's Colour of the Week is Samon LipSense. You can purchase it for just £18.70, which is an incredible 15% off retail price, the maximum we can legally do as distributors. In other words, you can't purchase it for any cheaper. Samon is a bright coral-red shade with a matte finish. It pulls more orange on me that on others but I think it's a great shade to add a pop of colour to a more simpler makeup look. Don't forget, LipSense shades will look different on everyone's lips due to it being effected by the lip colour and pH of the individual.

ShadowSense is Buildable!

ShadowSense is a great product for so many reasons but one of my favourites is that it is incredibly buildable. Every single colour can be made to a natural and light eye look, but they can also be built up so easily if you wanted to do something more dramatic. This image shows are darkest ShadowSense shade with Onyx. You can see how it turns to a true black with the 3 layers, but it can be somewhat washed out. The best tip is to apply slowly and blend. Leave each layer to dry for about 30 seconds and then add another layer. Build the colour up until you get the pigment that you desire.

Instagram Update: Follow Hashtags!

Did you know that you can now follow hashtags on Instagram? I think this is probably going to be one of the most important updates to the platform since it started. I post all my posts with the #hannahslipsuk but I also want customers to share it with the hashtag so that other's can follow along too! Plus it means you can curate a feed of posts that Instagram will ensure you enjoy.  It is really easy to set up. Just search for a hashtag via the magnifying glass icon or tap on a hashtag on any post to bring up a page of images related to that hashtag. You will then find a big blue ‘Follow’ button at the top of the screen. Tap that and you’re done. That niche will automatically show up in your timeline, making it easier for you to connect with people in your niche worldwide! 

Violette and Aussie Rose Ombre!

Everyone seemed to love last week's ombre lip look so I'm sharing another one with this week's Colour of the Week. This is Violette with Aussie Rose and it's just stunning! Don't forget Violette is still 15% off for this week only.

Lavender Shimmer ShadowSense (Limited Edition)

Lavender Shimmer is back - for a limited time only - in all it's luminous glory! This offers a serious pop of shimmer and makes a stunning highlight on eyes and cheeks alike. Inspired by the original shade from 2016, this is a multidimensional shade that won't be here forever. It's described as a light-to-medium lavender purple shade with a shimmering texture. You can create absolutely stunning eye looks with it. Here's a trio suggestion with Rustic Brown on the outer corner and Mulberry as a transition shade.  But you can also use it as a highlight on the lips too. Sandwich it between a layer of LipSense either side for long-lasting lip colour all day long. Praline Rose is for a softer finish and Blackberry for a darker lip look. 

Colour of the Week: Violette!

This week's Colour of the Week is Violette. You can purchase it for just £18.70, which is an incredible 15% off retail price, the maximum we can legally do as distributors. In other words, you can't purchase it for any cheaper. Violette LipSense is a rosy lavender with hints of frosty iridescence. It is a perfect light purple lip colour and I find it goes with a lot of outfits which is great. It also falls under the cool undertones spectrum of shades.

The 8 Uses of ShadowSense!

ShadowSense is an incredible versatile product. There are so many uses and they all look incredible. Today, I'm going to share them all with some tips on application and images for examples too! If you want further advice on which shade which suit your skin tone, let me know.  First up is the most obvious, as a shadow! You can use a single shade for a simple and quick pop of colour or combine shadows to create stunning eye looks. These four are examples of eye looks ranging from 2 shades to 4 shades being used, and only the permanent range colours. If you are wanting the shades to be more pigmented, use Candlelight all over for a base first. Make sure to apply a little at a time and build the colour with layers until your happy with the colour. Use a fluffy brush to blend and pat the product on gentle.  You can also use ShadowSense on your lips. To do this, you need to layer it between a layer of LipSense Lip Colour either side and top with a gloss. You can do this with a pi