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Changes are Coming!

This is a long one but bare with me. There’s about to be some changes around here!
It’s been over 3 years since I first started this business and over that time, I hadn’t updated my albums once. I know, terrible. Life got busy but I’ve finally updated them all. Go have a look because they’re gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! These are available on my Facebook Page and also in my VIP Customer Group.

There’s also going to be some changes in what I’m posting, where. Instagram will continue to be the content we all know and love. It will also be the platform I go live from because these can be shared to Facebook too. I will also be sharing my makeup looks. I have started to do this more and more and the reaction to them has been great. I will also be updating my highlights because at the moment there is a lot of content but that means putting a lot of stories up, so apologies over the next few days!

Facebook will be where I post about the limited edition products in detail. I will still be posting gorgeous looks on Instagram where it focuses on imagery, but Facebook is tailored to bigger posts so I won’t feel restricted on writing. I think it's a great way for all the content from each collection to stay together as well, so that it won't get lost.

My VIP Customer Group is for everyone to stay updated on the products, but it is also going to be THE place for deals going forward. I may share that I’ve posted “something” but you need to be in the group to access it first, before everyone else! If you don’t have Facebook, let me know.

I will also be bringing back Colour of the Week (15% off), announced on Monday at 9am each week, and Product of the Month. The latter is usually a specific product (rather than a colour) and will be announced the first Saturday of the month. We all know, Saturday's is "Treat Yourself Day!". Make sure to join the group ready for this weekend. I will also be adding something extra to all the packages with the Product of the Month in.

Twitter is a great place to speak to customers and other businesses, but will not be the focus going forward. However, I am  bringing back my website! As you can see from this post, there hasn't been one for a long time, but I'm finally catching up on life and have a bit of time to spare. I'm not promising a schedule just yet but hopefully I'll be able to put out a couple of posts a week, at least. I haven’t updated product information it in a long time and since then we have so many products and colour varieties added. I'm still at university until the middle of July but both the website and the YouTube channel will be being kick-started in August so be ready!

That is a lot to keep you all going! Be sure to like, follow, join and subscribe to access all of my content. If you’re not too bothered either way, that is fine too! I will still be at your usual platform and taking orders regardless.

Kisses, Hannah.