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How and Why to Spot Fake Products!

Beware of counterfeit products! Fake LipSense is being made regularly and it makes me really sad to see customers fall for it. We all know people like to get the most for their money and search for the best value, but Senegence products are high end and quality and therefore cost slightly more, although are some of the most cost effective products in the long term. It is also illegal to be sold for more than 15% off retail price, so if you're finding it for more than that, stay clear!

These fake products can often be found on Wish, eBay or Amazon, which is also illegal as we can't sell on websites with a basket, bar official sites.

If you do come across these, please know it will not perform like the real LipSense and who knows what ingredients it is made of. I’ve read China and other manufacturing countries making fake cosmetics with mercury, lead, cyanide and human urine. All of these are dangerous. They are also made in poor environment where they can be contaminated with rat droppings and other animal products. All of these have resulted in serious adverse reactions. Not only is it dangerous, but it gives first time customers a bad impression of the products for life and also distributors are poor reputation.

To ensure you are buying real SeneGence products there are some easy tips you can follow:

  • Ask for a distributor ID number; you can call corporate to verify this is an active distributorship or simply search the SheerSense website
  • If they smell like a bad mix of chemicals and rubber 
  • Remove the colour sticker label from the bottom of the tube and look for a lot and batch number; again this can be verified with Senegence, but fakes currently don’t have any information at the bottom of the tubes
  • Check the fonts on the labelling or any misspelling or grammar
  • Note that LipSense is never sold online via “shopping cart” as this is illegal e.g. eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and buy/sell/trade Facebook groups
  • More than a 15% discounts from retail price

Some of the reactions that I've seen that may happen have not been nice and I have felt awful for the women involved. It's not a risk I would be willing to take. Would you?