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Fiesta Collection - LipSense (Limited Edition)

Inspired by the beautiful colours reflected in the Mexican landscapes and culture, this collection features two matte bold lip colours, a sparkling gloss and a free Ooops! Remover, all packed in a Fiesta Sparkle bag. With lip looks like this, you'll be turning heads. Habernero LipSense: a bright red-orange with a matte finish. Dahlia LipSense: a gorgeous warm pink shade with a matte finish. Fiesta Gloss: a beautiful, lightly tinted nude peach shade with sparkling pink and gold glitter fleck.

Amazing Business!

Hello strangers! It has been a long time since I've posted a new update on this website but I've been staying active on Instagram and Facebook so I am sure some of you have been keeping track of me over there.  With the current global pandemic, it is safe to say I have a little more free time. I am still a full-time student and at the moment I'm doing a minimum of a 37 hour week, plus other commitments, but without seeing friends, doing archery and travelling, it has defintely left some time for extra things I haven't been staying on top of.  I wanted to start off by saying how amazing my company is. Just read some of these articles! Senegence stopped production of some of their products and instead, incredibly switched to making hand sanitisers for key workers! I am forever impressed by the ethics and morals of my CEO, bosses and leaders. So proud to work for an incredible company! 

Fiesta Collection - ShadowSense (Limited Edition)

These beautiful earthy shades are inspired by the stunning colours reflected in the Mexican landscapes and culture. With shimmering and matte textures, you can create party worth looks in just a simple swipe. Tierra ShadowSense: an earthy, matte brown with warm undertones, perfect as a base or blending colour. Rosa ShadowSense: a warm pink-peach shade with a matte to semi-matte finish. Lime Shimmer ShadowSense: a duo-chrome shimmer shade that changes from a shimmering beige to a luminous lime green depending on the angle!

Neutral LipSense (Limited Edition)

Things are looking up with the return of 2017's Neutral LipSense lip colour. It was an in demand shade which was turned into a lip liner colour and is perfect for any season, all year long. Described as a medium rosy red lip colour with a subtle shimmer.