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California Dreamin' Collection - LipSense (Limited Edition)

Daydreaming of the gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery of a California wonderland. This range of shimmering, matte and sparkling textures combines the versatility and the perfect pop of seasonal colour too. The California Dreamin' Collection has been split into 2, with a ShadowSense and a LipSense edition. The LipSense package includes a stunning mint green sparkle bag, 2 Lip Colours, a Gloss and an Ooops! Remover. Sunshine LipSense: a soft pink colour with glowing golden pearl. Boysenberry LipSense: a juicy plum berry colour with a matte finish. Citrus Grove Gloss: a soft, translucent coral colour with iridescent glitter, which features a fresh orange blossom scent too!

California Dreamin' Collection - ShadowSense (Limited Edition)

California Dreamin' Collection - ShadowSense is the light, breezy hues you've been daydreaming of. This includes three brand new shades that were inspired by gorgeous landscapes along the California coastline. From the because colours of the serene desert to the dazzling tones of the sparkling sea, this transports you to you're favourite part of the Golden State. If you buy the collection, it also comes with a free mint glitter bag which makes it even more worth it! Desert Rose ShadowSense:  an earthy, neutral to cool mauve colour with a matte finish. This is not streaky at all and is very pigmented. Out of all three colours, this one lasts the longest on. Sunbaked Shimmer ShadowSense:  a gorgeous shimmer in pink mauve. This captures the light stunningly! It also has micro glitter in it, not just your basic shimmer. Sea Breeze Shimmer ShadowSense:  another shimmer texture but a completely different colour in a lighter-than-air mint colour. It is a fairly thin formu

Colour Surge Collection (Limited Edition)

These bright, bold shades are about to become your new go-to for a fun pop of colour. This Colour Surge Collection consists of 4 vibrant, rich colours that can be used to create unique eye looks worthy of any event. There is a mix of matte and shimmering textures so they are versatile colours, perfect for blending, highlighting and eye lining. Get creative! Plasma Pink Shimmer ShadowSense: a hot violet fuschia shade with a luminous shimmer. Amped Up Orange ShadowSense: a bright creamy cantaloupe colour with a matte finish. Fiery Coral Shimmer Shadowsense: a warm, shimmering coral red. Neon Green Shimmer ShadowSense: a vibrant metallic green.