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Disney Villain Eye Looks!

You've seen the Disney Princess eye looks, but what about their counterparts? The villains are coming out. Unlike the Princess' I'm not going to share all of them on my website, so make sure to follow along on Instagram to see them all over the next few months! I will share the two biggest!  Ursula: this is the villain from The Little Mermaid, with the purple/green and tentacles to match! Queen of Hearts: from Alice in Wonderland, this mad queen is a bold look!  What do you think? Do you love them as much as me!?

Final Disney Princess Eye Looks!

This is the final Disney Princess eye look release and we're sticking to a blue theme, plus a bonus. I would love to hear which eye look has been your favourite.  Alice: fancy a little Wonderland inspiration!  Vanelope: how about this for a fun one! A simple base with some fun pops of colour from the best racing car game! Kida: this is another unique style princess with a swish of blue magic underneath! Giselle: I know this look doesn't quite fit in with the blue theme but I wanted to share this last one with you all and it's seriously so pretty. I loved this Enchanted inspiration!

Satin Matte Rose Petal Gloss Duo (Limited Edition)

We’re declaring our devotion to the new, limited edition Satin Matte Rose Petal Gloss Duo. The full size darling duo of beautifully tinted hues comes in the beloved satin matte formula for a hint of color and a kiss of rich moisture. Suitable for gifting for all ages, these velvety, rose petal-inspired glosses are worthy of all of our adoration. Let’s face it; you’re going to want the whole bouquet.  Purchase the collection to receive a free Pink Pouch Bag. Please note, if Pink Pouch Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.  Mauve Velvet Matte: a soft mauve-violet shade with a smooth satin matte finish.  Rose Petal Matte: a soft pink shade with a velvety satin matte finish. 

Disney Inspired ShadowSense Eye Looks! (Part 6)

Going for another theme this week, instead of purple like my previous post here , we're going for yellow and green, but I'm treating you to 4 looks!    Jane : Feeling a little wild and care free? Recreate this Jane (from Tarzan) eye look!  Tinkerbell:  finally ending with a little bit of magic. Who doesn't love everyone's favourite fairy? Fiona: inspired by the love interest of Shrek, Fiona is a beautiful green eye with all the  Tiana:  this one brings in a little fun with an arty add on in the outer corner, to remember the frog from The Princess and the Frog of course! 

Shimmering Rose Petal Gloss Duo (Limited Edition)

You’ll fall in love all over again! The limited edition Shimmering Rose Petal Gloss Duo features two popular, returning, full size shades of gloss that make the perfect pair. Inspired by soft, tender rose petals, these light hues offer the sweetest touch of color. Wear them alone or over a cherished LipSense shade for a sparkling smooch just in time for Valentine’s Day. Purchase the collection to receive a Pink Pouch Bag. Please note, if Pink Pouch Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur. Primrose: a sheer, medium pink shade with shimmer. Metallic Rose: this is one of my favourite limited edition glosses and I am so glad it's back; it's a lightly shimmering soft mauve-pink gloss shade.