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P.I.T. STOP - Day 4!

Being told the previous day that we had to arrive to training with no make-up on was a completely terrifying prospect in my mind. I was absolutely dreading it and I was almost in a complete meltdown. In the end my roommate managed to calm me down and I thankfully made it to the session without breaking down.  I barely remember what the first hour was about because I kept hoping that we would soon be able to put makeup on but I will truly appreciate the time and effort Jeri and Andrea put in to training each one of us. There passion for our business will forever inspire me to push myself.  When it finally came time to try on Senegence makeup it was all a little chaotic but very insightful and useful. We learnt how to colour match foundation and got colour matched ourselves by the experts.  Fast forward an hour and we were all ready to leave the room with our waterproof makeup ready to last the next 18 hours!  I wore: MakeSense Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer Mak

P.I.T. STOP - Day 3!

I was absolutely exhausted when I woke up on Saturday morning. I think the lack of sleep on Thursday evening and the horror and panic I'd experienced thanks to my roommates teeth-grinding (a whole other story!), it had caught up with me a bit.  Despite that, I got ready and headed to breakfast with Sarah and we managed to be one of the first groups to be ready for training. I always find it a little annoying when people are late but seemingly the staff weren't even ready so they'd told us much earlier than actually necessary.  Training was amazing. I loved hearing and seeing Jeri and Andrea talk about the products and the unique insights that they gave us into the business. It all went far too quickly and everything was being quickly written into my notebook for a write up and consolidation later.  The evening was something else entirely. We ended up arriving at the Chiefs Rugby base and inside it was stunning. The food I ate was very yummy and the dessert wa

P.I.T. STOP - Day 1 and 2!

This past weekend was not only my first ever P.I.T. STOP but also the UK's first. It was really amazing to be part of the pioneer group of 70 women who were there to learn more about the incredible business that is just starting out in this country. P.I.T. STOP stands for Princess in Training and it's all about how to further yourself in this business and gain a deeper understanding of the product knowledge. I'll be writing up what I learnt during the training over the next few weeks but for the rest of the week I thought I would share some of the pictures I took over the 4 days I was there! I set off a day early with two women, one who had offered to drive me and I was very thankful, and another who refused to let me pay for the room on Thursday night. Honestly, I was completely spoilt!  We headed over and split the journey in half, spending the afternoon on Thursday shopping after a yummy Pizza Hut lunch, followed by a relaxing hotel break before a pub meal in

Me as YOUR Upline!

I made a post a few weeks ago about how I chose my own upline and what to look for when selecting your own upline. Today I thought I would share why I would be a great upline. Basically, I want you to succeed and I would to love to help you out every single step of the way! If you chose me as your upline I would be there every step of the way. I would be a helping hand to guide you and a friend to help you along the way. I would suggest advice and be a sounding board to discuss ideas and bounce them back and forth. I would hope we would become trustworthy friends! I have learnt a lot in my time with the company but I have not been alone. With an incredible UK company willing to share their own teachings and a US upline, I have access to ample resources in many groups which will welcome you in too. If you are at all interesting in joining my team, email me to discuss and ask all the questions you want, today! Click here to watch a video version of this information. As alwa

The SheerSense Opportunity!

The SheerSense Opportunity is that which leads you to become an Independent SheerSense Distributor. It makes excellent sense if you want more independence and financial freedom, or you simply want a discount of the products for yourself. With options that work for you, for your lifestyle and right now, it's the perfect choice for almost everyone. I’ll help you plan for the future while building a successful business. With income, trainings, benefits, boundless opportunities, support, networking and a lot of camaraderie, the lifestyle you once dreamed of is now become a reality at SheerSense. The company wants nothing more than to help create your success. It is a real honour to be able to make a difference in people’s lives, while enjoying friendships and the freedom to empower yourself and those around you. You can have the flexibility to take care of business at home whilst having a career with no income ceiling and the benefits of showing other women how to enhance their n

How to Apply Matte Gloss!

Following on from yesterday's post on moisture content, our matte gloss has the least. As such, the matte gloss has a specific technique of application to create a matte look that still lasts all day.  Apply a thin layer of glossy gloss first  Allow to dry or lightly blot the gloss  Apply matte gloss as normal  The original layer of glossy gloss will penetrate through the lip cells and moisture from the bottom layers up, keeping lips soft and plump.

LipSense Products and Moisture!

One of the biggest benefits when using our lip products is that they restore your moisture balance and help to keep your lips moist and plump.  Given the vast array of different glosses we have, plus the incredible Moisturising Lip Balm, it's difficult to know which to use and which is better for you.  The lip balm is without a doubt, the most moisturising product we have for the lips. It is perfect for when you have chapped or dry lips. It is a must have for me and I love wearing it to sleep as a preventative measure.  The glosses come in 11 different varieties. The main reason for the variety of glosses is for the different finishes, with the most popular being glossy and matte. The gold, silver and pink glitter glosses add a perfect sparkle while the bougainville alters the colours and creates a brand new look.  In terms of moisture content with the glosses, the glossy gloss is absolutely the best. It's the one we recommend, especially for first time users w

Why have Different Glosses?

Different people prefer different finishes for their lip look. One of the most common preferences is matte vs glossy finishes. On top of that, with the vast range of different glosses, you can create many looks using the same LipSense Lip Colour but a different gloss. Bougainville and opal glosses tend to change the colour the most while the glitter glosses add the perfect hint of glitter with an added colour thrown in. What do you think? Which gloss is your favourite?

What's in LipSense Glosses?

LipSense Glosses are made of a combination of ingredients, here are a few of the main ones and their benefits. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) : considered a plant lipid hence a natural moisturizer, it prevents moisture evaporation from the skin and provides lubrication to the skin’s surface. Tocopheryl (and Tocopheryl Acetate) : also known as Vitamin E, it is essential for maintaining the activities of enzymes in the cells and for the formation of red blood cells. It is an anti-oxidant and has been shown to inhibit skin cancer and aid in the healing of skin ailments. Together it acts against premature aging and combating wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals to stop the chain reaction of molecular damage and to protect the skin against oxidation. Propylparaben : anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that help to prevent mold in products. It is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. Synthetic Beeswax : a highly refined thickening agent used for its emollient propert

All About: LipSense Glosses

Along with our LipSense Lip Colours come their partner, our LipSense Glosses. Moisturizing Glosses not only cover and protect naked lips but also improve the longevity and staying power of our LipSense Liquid Lip Color. It provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips. Shea butter is the key ingredient in many of our glosse. This natural ingredient has deep moisturising properties which are delivered to the delicate lip tissue, while the synthetic beeswax seals the moisture in and helps to prevent moisture loss throughout the day. For first-time buyers, we suggest using the Glossy Gloss. This is our moisturising gloss and as such penetrates and hydrates the lips more than others. Once the exfoliation period is finished, then the other 10 glosses can be worn, instead. However, it is strongly recommended that the Glossy Gloss is worn underneath the Matte Gloss on the first application of the day as it Shea butter,

My In Home Lip and Sip Party Top Tips!

I've recently loved planning and creating my set up for an in home Lip and Sip party and it's made me so excited to host some. Today, I'm sharing my set up and where I got everything from, basically Amazon! The decorations while not essential defintely bring a party together and having a theme helps (future) customers recognise your business brand. My business cards are pink and gold but with my packaging, website and social media, I have kept three colours consistent: pink, gold and white. Following through with my own advice, I have kept my party theme the same. I have tried to keep three things in mind when setting up my party: Simple . The focus of the party should be the LipSense and as our premier product, it genuinely speaks for itself.  Beautiful . The products we sell are mainly feminine and as such, I wanted to keep my party girly and pretty.  Cheap . I'm still at the early stages of my business and as a full time student, I don't have a lot of s

Facebook vs In Home Party!

One of my favourite things about being apart of this company is that you set your own pace and most of it is done online. Facebook parties are a massive component and mechanism to increase sales of our products. Facebook parties are all fine and dandy. In fact they let you very easily share a lot of information quickly with little work and it can be replicated quickly. However, I personally feel like, where possible, an in home party works much better. Online, people can see the colours and read the information but there is a lot of it and people get bored and tired of reading it. In person, you can simply explain the product and then show the proof! Show people that our LipSense Lip Colour doesn't move. Even better is that they can try the product themselves and actually test them. I would defintely say that my top tip is that you have testers. I wouldn't say it's necessary to have all the colours available but I would suggest at least a handful, with at least one f

My In Home Lip and Sip Party Setup!

I've shared a couple of posts about the benefits of an in home Lip and Sip party and what my aims are when planning one, so today I thought I would share my party design and where I got everything from! I wanted to keep my set up fairly simple and cheap, following my top tips , so I ended up buying most of my decorations and equipment from Amazon: Paper Straws Bunting Tablecloth  - I would recommend buying a more expensive patterned tablecloth that meant you didn't have to go through the hassle of decorating  Confetti Eyelash glue holders Tester wands  Tumblers Stickers Mirrors Candy stripe bags  Organaza Bags Click here to watch my party set up! As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me via any of my social media outlets. If you want to order your own product, message me today! Kisses, Hannah 💋

UK Distributor Ranks!

Signing up with Senegence or SheerSense opens your life up to such an incredible opportunity. Along with the incredible compensation plan, there is an incredible ranking programme. The UK Ranks are slightly fewer and different to those in the US so I am quickly sharing the current UK ranking system. 300 PV is a £600 order, before discount so if ordered all at once with the full discount, it costs the distributor £360. _______________________________ Maiden:  distributor must place a 300pv order and have 3 personally sponsored distributors, on your 1st line, with a 300PV or more in the same month. Royal in Waiting:  distributor must place a 300pv order and have 5 personally sponsored distributors, on your 1st line, with a 300PV or more in the same month. Royal:  distributor has the same accomplishment as a Royal in Waiting for 2 consecutive months. Lady: a Royal plus have 5 2nd level distributors with 300pv order for 2 consecutive months. Countess: a Lady plus have 5