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P.I.T. STOP - Day 3!

I was absolutely exhausted when I woke up on Saturday morning. I think the lack of sleep on Thursday evening and the horror and panic I'd experienced thanks to my roommates teeth-grinding (a whole other story!), it had caught up with me a bit. 

Despite that, I got ready and headed to breakfast with Sarah and we managed to be one of the first groups to be ready for training. I always find it a little annoying when people are late but seemingly the staff weren't even ready so they'd told us much earlier than actually necessary. 

Training was amazing. I loved hearing and seeing Jeri and Andrea talk about the products and the unique insights that they gave us into the business. It all went far too quickly and everything was being quickly written into my notebook for a write up and consolidation later. 
The evening was something else entirely. We ended up arriving at the Chiefs Rugby base and inside it was stunning.
The food I ate was very yummy and the dessert was to die for! Being super fussy, I was a little worried I would starve but no, it was okay. The chicken was perfect.

It was such an amazing evening and I can't believe how emotional I was! I was crying for people I barely knew as they stood up and got their awards, sashes and even crowns. Their bracelets were the perfect added touch for a keepsake. You all know how sentimental I am from my personal blog!

With ample opportunity to take photos with all my cherished new friends, I celebrated the night away.

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