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LipSense Products and Moisture!

One of the biggest benefits when using our lip products is that they restore your moisture balance and help to keep your lips moist and plump. 
Given the vast array of different glosses we have, plus the incredible Moisturising Lip Balm, it's difficult to know which to use and which is better for you. 

The lip balm is without a doubt, the most moisturising product we have for the lips. It is perfect for when you have chapped or dry lips. It is a must have for me and I love wearing it to sleep as a preventative measure. 

The glosses come in 11 different varieties. The main reason for the variety of glosses is for the different finishes, with the most popular being glossy and matte. The gold, silver and pink glitter glosses add a perfect sparkle while the bougainville alters the colours and creates a brand new look. 

In terms of moisture content with the glosses, the glossy gloss is absolutely the best. It's the one we recommend, especially for first time users who may go through the exfoliation process. Either way, I recommend applying the glossy gloss underneath all of the other glosses regardless. All the other glosses have a similar level of moisture except for the matte gloss which is much more drying. 


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