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P.I.T. STOP - Day 4!

Being told the previous day that we had to arrive to training with no make-up on was a completely terrifying prospect in my mind. I was absolutely dreading it and I was almost in a complete meltdown. In the end my roommate managed to calm me down and I thankfully made it to the session without breaking down. 

I barely remember what the first hour was about because I kept hoping that we would soon be able to put makeup on but I will truly appreciate the time and effort Jeri and Andrea put in to training each one of us. There passion for our business will forever inspire me to push myself. 

When it finally came time to try on Senegence makeup it was all a little chaotic but very insightful and useful. We learnt how to colour match foundation and got colour matched ourselves by the experts. 
Fast forward an hour and we were all ready to leave the room with our waterproof makeup ready to last the next 18 hours! 

I wore:
  • MakeSense Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer
  • MakeSense Anti-Ageing Foundation in Beige Chiffon
  • Sandstone ShadowSense for concealer
  • Mulberry ShadowSense for blush 
  • Sandstone Pearl Shimmer for eye shadow base with Mulberry on top and Silver Shimmer for highlight 
  • Luv It LipSense colour with Glossy Gloss
Despite how amazing the training was and how much I truly appreciate it, the thing I will remember most from the weekend is all the friendships I have made. It's such a unique bond and connection. I can't believe how quickly and closely I became to so many people. It's such a weird thing to have happened but being able to connect on so many levels was incredible. There's no one else that can understand it other than someone who'd been there. I hope that will stay there forever.

Thank you to everyone for making this weekend possible. My road trip friends, my roommate, my virtual friends who have now become my actual friends and everyone else, I can't wait until the next meet up!

Ps. I think SeneBlue may be one of my new favourite colours! 💙💙💙
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