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What's in: Climate Control

Climate Control is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components.

SelPlex: a blend of herbal oil extracts, vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin.

SenePlex Complex: kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal.

Glucosamine HCl: enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen.

Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil: an effective herbal remedy to treat eczema and skin conditions.

Simmondsia Chinensis: acts as a moisturiser and emollient agent to improve the skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural tocopherol to minimise oxidation and lipid pre-oxidation.

Rosa Mochata Seed Oil: oderived from cold pressing hips of the rare forest shrub found growing in southern central Chile in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. This member of the rose family has flowers that are pink in colour and when the petals fall, the shrub develops vivid, orangey-red seed pods called rosehips. This rosehip oil has been used by local people for its soothing and moisturising p…

All About: SelPlex Complex

SelPlex is a self suspension fluid. It is the matrix that holds the ingredients needed to complete the product formulation. This highly advanced suspension fluid is formulated in SeneGence fashion to be highly effective and is a mixture of both nature and science.

SelPlex contains the very best scientific ingredients and humectants that help make your skin moisturised in a blend of specifically selected herbal oil extracts. These are mixed with vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin. SelPlex does not contain emulsifiers so that the penetrating qualities of these essential oils help to evenly disperse SenePlex Complex into the deepest layers of the skin when combined.

The natural oil complex wedges between the cells to separate one cell wall from the next. It evenly delivers the purest of essential oils without emulsifiers that can dilute the actives. These go into the deepest layers of the skin. As the SelPlex makes its way between the cellular walls, it then delivers additiona…

The Uses of Climate Control!

I've now discusses why Climate Control is so amazing and the DualSense delivery system technology but I wanted to quickly talk about what you can use climate control for. 
There are so many uses, that is why this product is so great. Not only is in hydration in it's purest form, but it's also got SenePlex and SelPlex Complex making it an anti-ageing product as well. Just a few of the specific uses include:  SunburnsRazor burns Contact dermatitis Eczema Rosacea Stretch marksScarsMelasma Kitchen burns Psoriasis Bug bites WrinklesDry skin...and more! 

All About: DualSense

DualSense is the delivery system that is used mainly in one of our products, Climate Control.
This revolutionary technology keeps two different but essential delivery systems separated until you are ready to begin using the product. This preserves the highest levels of product effectiveness.

The two different delivery systems of Climate Control consist of the clear liquid top layer, SenePlex and a gelatinous blue matrix containing, SelPlex Complex combined with a high dosage of Sodium Hyaluronate (additional humectants) as the bottom layer.

The delivery system of the bottom layer SelPlex allows for penetration of the SenePlex actives when combined. In this layer lies a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials. These combined deliver much needed essential fatty acids that are crucial in healthy cellular development as they cannot be synthesised by the human body.

The delivery system of SenePlex is a liquid solution which delivers all the beneficial ingredients to the cells when …

All About: Climate Control

Climate Control is hydration in the purest form. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level.

It is the perfect anti-ageing moisturiser for sensitive and dry skin types. It's proprietary formulation of two separate and extremely effective delivery systems are cleverly combined into one advanced technology. This is known as a DualSense technology. It enhances the anti-ageing effects of SeneDerm Skincare Systems and can provide extra moisture for those times when your skin needs it most.
Climate Control synergistically combines our amazing anti-ageing SenePlex Complex with another remarkable complex, SelPlex. SenePlex is the same amazing anti-ageing complex contained in the SeneDerm Skincare Systems. I will be dedicating a whole week of posts to this complex as it is so amazing!

SelPlex is an additional, incredible complex formulated specif…

Combining your LipSense!

I briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, about why it's important to wear your LipSense in 3 layers, that you can use the application process to your advantage. When you apply in 3 layers it means that you combine your lip colours to create a personalised colour to suit your own style.

We have 36 incredible colours in our full time range, with many limited edition colours as well. Plus in the UK we still have some of the discontinued and what are known as 'unicorn colours' that are extremely high in demand. I haven't even mentioned on any of my social media profiles yet, so here is an exclusive, in the US 15 new colours have been added to the permanent line! How amazing is that. I will be sure to update soon!
So I thought I would show you one example of combining colours. Click here to watch a YouTube video of me layering my LipSense. It shows me applying 1 layer of Napa and 2 layers of Beige Champagne. Sometimes, I don't really want to wear a dark purple for a…