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Sunset Skies ShadowSense - 3 Eye Looks!

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Sunset Skies - ShadowSense Collection (Limited Edition)

Thanks to the new, limited edition ShadowSense Sunset Skies Collection, the sky’s the limit for chic, sunset-inspired eyes. The collection features three shades that reflect all the natural beauty of a rich, colorful sunset. With textures that vary from gorgeous mattes to sparkling shimmers, these earthy jewel tones are sure to become your golden hour favourites.
If you purchase the collection, you will receive a free Mauve Metallic Bag too...bonus!

Rust ShadowSense: a deep, rich russet color with red-orange tones and a matte finish.
Plum Berry ShadowSense: a medium pink-berry with a soft matte finish.
Twilight Shimmer ShadowSense: a shimmering candlelight color with dimensional red and pink glitter.

Everyday Beauty Collection - LipSense Collection (Limited Edition)

You’ll reach for them again and again! The new, limited edition LipSense Everyday Beauty Collection features three matte lip colours that are wearable for day-to-day. These shades are perfect for a soft touch of gorgeous colour. Pair them with anything from your boldest ShadowSense creations to a stunning soft eye for a chic look that’s sure to be your new go-to.

Get a free matte gloss and ivory organza bag when you buy the collection too.
Velvet LipSense: neutral brown-pink with a matte finish.
Milk Rose LipSense: neutral-to-cool soft pink with a matte finish.

Beige Crème LipSense: sheer, soft neutral beige--pink with a matte finish.

Big City - ShadowSense Collection (Limited Edition)

NYC is calling! The new, matching limited edition ShadowSense® Big City Collection features three earthy, wearable shades for beautifully glowing smoky eyes that are sure to turn heads when out on the town. Inspired by the rich hues of all that New York City has to offer, these colours are perfect for chic, timeless looks. You’ll be sure to embrace the classic beauty of the Big City!
Purchase the collection to receive a FREE Burgundy Metallic Bag. Please note, if Burgundy Metallic Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.

Brownstone Shimmer: neutral, smoky taupe color with a shimmering finish.
Bright Lights Glitter: rosy golden pink with a gorgeous gold glitter.
Burgundy: rich, deep burgundy shade with a matte finish.

Big City - LipSense Collection (Limited Edition)

Inspired by The City That Never Sleeps, the limited edition LipSense Big City Collection features three softly shimmering, returning shades of LipSense and one new Gloss. From the bustle of Times Square to the excitement of Broadway, this collection takes you right to the heart of NYC. Each earthy, chic hue is perfect for both day-to-day wear and a night out on the town. Get ready for elevated, fashion-forward lip looks! Plus, when the collection is ordered, you will receive a free Ooops! Remover, and Burgundy Metallic Bag.

Big Apple LipSense: a metallic cranberry red.
Broadway Bronze LipSense: a rich, shimmering bronze-red.
Manhattan Mauve LipSense: a sheer, mauve-beige with subtle golden pearl.
Brooklyn Gloss: a nude tan-pink perfect for everyday wear.

Fuscia Returns (Limited Edition)

Fuscia is back for a limited time only! Inspired by the original shade last seen in 2017, you’ll be tickled pink by this statement-making shade. Get it before it’s gone again!
These are pictures of the old colour and it has been altered slightly but still similar.

Officially Caught Up!

I know the posts have been a little bit full on recently but I have finally caught up with all of 2020's Limited Edition releases to date. I ended up back dating the posts so make sure to look back through to see all of them!

There are obviously a lot more from 2019 and 2018 but I think with most of them now being unavailable, there isn't much point in sharing those at the moment. From now on, I will be sharing Limited Edition collections as and when they are released. Usually, these are released monthly, with big releases shared quarterly at our company training sessions.
Please bare in mind, when these are released publicly for the first time, these are only available in the US. The UK cannot guarantee we get all releases however new shades and colours are usually available in the UK a month after the initial release.

I will take pre-orders for releases over this interim time and send invoices for payment, however payment is not needed until arrival. When they arrive, they …