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Big Business Relaunch Coming June 2022!

I’ve been away for a good while, which is the longest I’ve ever been away. I’m truly so sorry…life got a little busy and I’ve been travelling for the first time in 2 years. 

Next month is both my personal birthday and my business birthday. It will be 5 years since starting this little business! I honestly can’t believe how fast it has flown by, but I also feel there is so many bigger things to accomplish. 

June will be my re-launch month. I will be refocusing priorities and restarting from a fresh. Be prepared for some fun and games, lots of information, new products releases and even more amazing deals! 

A little introduction and background ahead of tomorrow. I joined SheerSense almost a year after being first introduced to the American company, Senegence. I was first interested in joining the company in December 2016 but unfortunately, I was told that it wasn't a possibility. Fast forward a few months and I reached out again and after asking “just a few questions”, I finally took the plunge and joined! 

I first bought a small order for myself, and I fell in love with the products, particularly our LipSense. I knew I had to share with friends and family, far and wide, so that’s when I decided to start selling. 

Since then, I’ve found an appreciation for our other products. I love that the makeup is long-lasting and waterproof and the skincare is high quality, that actually works! I use it all on a daily basis and I promise I wouldn’t sell it i unless I truly believed in it. 

That’s why “beauty for confidence” became my motto. Instead of using makeup to hide our imperfections, I believe it should be used to enhance our features. Beauty is from within and so we also need to look after our skin with health and skincare. The truth is, when we feel better about ourselves it really does make a difference. 

I have so far loved every second and never looked back. I can’t wait for this relaunch and getting back to sharing what I love. I do sell these products and make a percentage on the sales. If you are interested in purchasing, it is simple to do. You can either message me directly on Instagram and Facebook, email through my contact or even buy through my mini site link

Without further ado, I want to say thank you for all the support over the last 5 years and thank you for sticking with me, through the end and flows of life. Stay tuned for June!