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What's in: Collagen Night Pak

SeneDerm Collagen Night Pak is made of a combination of ingredients including beneficial botanicals and minerals. Here are a few key components. Natural Marine Collagen : from sea algae, this works to restore and rebuild the collagen produced by your skin. Caffeine : rejuvenates and revitalizes, helping to reduce puffiness and under-eye bags. Sodium Hyaluronate : a ubiquitous carbohydrate polymer that is part of the extracellular matrix. It is a humectant, but about 100 times more effective than Glycerin. It is the key water-maintaining substances in human skin. SenePlex Complex Plus : a kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. Bambusa Vulgaris Extract (Golden Bamboo) : a rich source of natural silica, with over 70% organic. Silica is lost in the skin as we age but it stimulates chondroblasts providing strength and resilience to collagen and elastin. It may protect the skin against bacteria and fungus, helping avoid various skin troubles. It also contains abundant a

All About: Collagen Night Pak

SeneDerm Collagen Night Pak by SeneGence is a break-through anti-ageing sleep treatment product that harnesses the power of 100% natural marine collagen and revitalizing caffeine. It also contains SeneGence’s proprietary anti-ageing complex, SenePlex Complex Plus. All these help to seal in moisture while you sleep and to create a protective veil that helps to prevent drying and damage that occurs overnight, leading to unwanted signs of ageing. Formulated with rich, natural, plant-based marine collagen, it will help to improve skin regeneration, stabilise and maintain moisture levels throughout the night and rebuild the skin’s collagen matrix during sleep. It can aid in delaying the skin’s ageing process by intensifying skin’s elasticity and working to visibly decrease wrinkles. Your skin naturally loses moisture during the sleeping process, and can even become damaged and wrinkled by your pillow. When gently mixed with any formula of SeneDerm Evening Moisturiser, Collagen Night P

What's in BrowSense?

BrowSense is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components. Denatured Alcohol : used as a delivery system for the colour technology and creates a germ and bacteria free environment. Hydroxyethylcellulose : modified cellulose, a chief constituent of the fibre of plants, used as a binder, emulsion stabiliser and thickener. Galactoarabinan : decreases emulsion particle size and facilitates the aqueous dispersion of particulate materials, such as micronised titanium dioxide.

All About: BrowSense

BrowSense is Senegence's Brow colour allowing a two-step delivery system to create natural looking brows that stay all day. One end of the applicator is a controllable, fine sable brush that is used to apply the colour to the eyebrow with short, hair-length strokes. The other is a spool brush for grooming brow shape and evening out the colour for a very natural brow line.  Coming in three colours, BrowSense contains the same long-lasting colour properties of LipSense. They are also waterproof and do not smear off, smudge, or rub off! The colour lasts just as long as LipSense Lip Colour, between 4 to 18 hours, but most towards the latter. The science behind it is basically the same as that behind LipSense but with one difference … BrowSense last even longer on skin than LipSense! The reason is that the long-lasting colour technology applied to the face does not generally receive the same amount of assault movement as the lips. There is generally no physical movement or frictio

Using your Stripes Online!

From why you should wear your stripes to how to apply them , you can also use them as a tool to sell online.  It's a great way to show people a colour while talking via a live video or even a one-on-one video call conference. You can show them the tube but you can also show them a number of swatches.  While online, most of the time people can't actually see your hands but you could easily take pictures and post them. If you are taking pictures throughout the day it's a great idea to label your images with the names of the colours. Here are some of my stripes on social media.  If you have any more ideas on when to use them online, I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!

How to Apply LipSense Stripes?

I recently talked about why wearing LipSense stripes is important and how it can help grow your business, but some people were wondering how they were applied. Well it's really simple! You just apply them the exact same way as LipSense on your lips...with a couple extra steps. Clean and dry you hand  Shake your chosen lip colour  Apply one layer on LipSense  Let dry for at least a minute  Apply second layer and third layer, letting both dry thoroughly  Repeat for 2 to 4 other colours Apply a layer off glossy gloss over the top  Wipe off the gloss with a tissue  It's that simple! The best thing about it, is that you can even customise your stripes. You can go from simply drawing on rough stripes, to neatening them up with Ooops! Remover, using a stripes stencil or even a different shaped stencil - flowers, hearts and lips are the most popular! I bought all the stencils I use, from my friend Sandie ! To see a video version of this information, be sure to wa

Why Wear LipSense Stripes?

One of the most popular ways to showcase LipSense is by wearing stripes. If you want to see some examples of stripes, click here . Wearing stripes is something that should be drilled into you buy your upline but sometimes it's not. So today I'm going to talk about exactly why you should wear your stripes. It's free advertisement!  It's a talking point...people wonder what is on your hand and you have your in You get the word out about LipSense  You can proof it lasts and it is waterproof when you wash your hands Use a Blu-Red stripe to talk about Christina Aguilera Wear the colours you're wearing, especially in combinations  Wear colours in stock  Click here to see this information in video format.

Roadshow Tour: Interested in being a Distributor?

SheerSense is currently running a series of Roadshows up and down, all around the UK! I am so excited to go to some when they get a little bit closer to me next year but in the meantime, I wanted to share the opportunity with all of you as well. These events vary slightly by location but it's in the home of introducing the company to more people across the country. 9-10.30am is an introduction to the company and a great why to see what it's all about. This is mainly for potential recruits but it's amazing for any distributor to hear and maybe improve their own pitching and understanding of the company. Given by Ian, our CEO, it's sure to be interesting! Potential recruits are then given the choice to continue for the rest of the day and sign up or to leave. If they choose to sign up and stay, the sign up fee is reduced from £85 to £65, especially for the event. But the amazing thing is that you are still getting the free Blu-Red Starter Kit and then a full day of

How to Sign up as a Distributor for FREE! - LipSense, SheerSense and Senegence

I have found, over the past few months, that while there are a lot of people searching for work from home jobs, the majority don't want to pay any sort of start up fee. Personally, I think the sign up fee is pretty small compared to other companies and especially for starting your own business! Plus, if you aren't willing to invest in yourself, who else is. But, if you literally have no money, the way to start is by pre-sales! I'm going to talk about the two countries that I have the most experience with, the UK (SheerSense) and the US (Senegence) but if you apply the same process and just switch the values, you can easily transfer it to your country. Let me know if you need any help. Starting with the UK.  The basics you need to grasp to begin are the initial costs: Sign up fee: £85 Starter kit: £50  Maximum discount: 40% off a 300PV order, this is the equivalent to £600 before discount, therefore you end up paying £360  So to hit £360 you need to sel

The Benefits of SenePlex Complex

SenePlex Complex is a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials. It is contained within a delivery system that allows for penetration and delivery of the actives into the second layer of the skin dermis. At the very base of this layer, the actives create a kinetic enzyme reaction and increases the cellular growth production. Increasing cellular growth has a substantial impact upon the health and conditions of the skin. In the normal course of cellular production, cells are generally dehydrated and hardened by the time they reach the outer layer of the epidermis. As cellular production increases, cells on the way to the surface of the epidermis are replaced with newer cells faster. The dehydration process of these newer cells has not been completed even as they are replaced with the cells rising to the top from underneath. Moisture content is improved through increased cellular production. Cells maintain a greater amount of moisture making them more plump and supple. Replacin

Published Results of SenePlex Complex

Independent clinical laboratory results on SenePlex Complex when the system of products was originally formulated were amazing. The initial feedback from these women was that they were experiencing visible results to their skin in as little as two weeks! But before making any product claims, the SenePlex formulation was put through an independent eight-week laboratory study on female subjects ranging from 18 to 55 years of age with both normal to dry and oily skin types. The following results are not only astounding but they are documented. SeneDerm with SenePlex Complex was concluded to improve skin on 100% of those women who took part in the clinical tests, regardless of skin type. Just some of the incredible findings were: Increased cellular renewal rate of the skin an average of 23.3% Increased skin moisturization and hydration, an average of 54.2% Increased skin firmness and elasticity, an average of 51.9% Decreased skin sagging by an average of 25% Increased skin lum

SenePlex Complex Explained

SenePlex Complex is a kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal, by rushing cells to the surface 23% faster than normal. As promised, here is a deeper look at what SenePlex Complex is. What is a kinetic enzyme? SenePlex Complex is referred to as an 'active' ingredient that impacts the way in which a process happens. Kinetic enzyme means that it speeds up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself. Do the benefits reverse themselves when product is stopped? The actives can only work when applied  therefore if one discontinues the use of the products, the actives are not present. Cells are no longer exposed so the cellular renewal cycles revert back to their standard original growth rate. The period of time will be determined by individual users standard growth cycle, but within four months. What are some of the benefits ? SenePlex Complex reduces the number of dead flat skin with grey keratin, leading to the removal of dark shadow

All About: SenePlex Complex!

SenePlex Complex is Senegence's unique combination of ingredients which, when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal growth rate. It contains an active kinetic enzyme that creates energy in reactions, hence speeding them up. In this case, it speeds up the natural process of cellular renewal without changing the process itself. Simply put, SenePlex Complex is a kinetic enzyme that rushes skin cells to the surface 23% faster than normal! The complex is made up of very small molecules which allows penetration to the very bottom layer of the skin, as it can get between cell layers. Unlike most cosmetic products, it reaches the stem cells which replicate continuously, speeding up the entire process. Most of our liquid based products contain SenePlex Complex. As it is a active enzyme ingredient it can be denatured and killed relatively easily. This includes by alcohol due to the acidic conditions. Because of this, it is not found it LipSense or similar products due to the alc

The Tingling with LipSense

I'm slowly writing up posts about what I learnt from P.I.T. STOP back in September but there are a couple of extra things that don't really have a place so I thought I would quickly share a few tips about LipSense which I felt were important to remember. Especially when it comes to the tingling sensation. LipSense Lip Colour creates a permeable membrane which allows the gloss to penetrate and be absorbed by the lips. The tingling sensation that some people feel on initial application is due to microscopic cuts in the lips surface. These are formed as the lips are extremely dehydrated which could either be from not drinking enough water, using wax based lip products previously or even a mixture of the two. LipSense is delivered via a denatured alcohol system. This system is amazing because it is an antibacterial and kills 99% of bacteria in the tube but  this is the reason it may hurt a little bit. The microscopic cuts mean that the lips have open nerve endings, which is

The Senegence Story

Hearing someone with passion for the company and talk about it in so much detail is incredibly inspirational. I really wanted to remember the story I heard and share it here for everyone's benefit. Joni Rodgers is seriously one incredible woman. She is such a visionary and is a really remarkable woman. I feel very honoured to be apart of her company. If you want to see a YouTube video of the Senegence story, click here or see below. I am nowhere near competent enough to share it in full but you can find a short and simple version below. Joni, our founder, was a Mary Kay direct sales cosmetics distributor and as she was leaving for work with her son, her makeup got badly smudged. After deciding she needed makeup that didn't budge and was long-lasting. Searching and through her contacts, she came across Yorum Fishman who was a well known cosmetic chemist who worked with many cosmetic companies. The two met, she told her dream and he answered with an incredible product for

Senegence: The Company Values

After recently returning from P.I.T. STOP, our training provided me with a lot of insight into the company and the company values that they stand by. Those beliefs make up the very essence of what it's like to be a part of this company and it is honestly such a refreshing purpose. One of my favourite things is that none of the products are delivered in a box. Unlike most cosmetic companies who deliver every single individual product in it's own box, none of our products come in prepackaged boxes. As our trainer rightly pointed out, the boxes are only ever wasted and thrown away before even using the product! This is such an environmental waste and burden. We don't use packaging, not because we're cheap, but because we're conscious of the planet and it's valuable resources. A value that is very much akin to my own. A resounding fact shown in our independent tests show that the allergy rate over the whole of our product range, has just 3 in 100 allergic. While

What does Senegence mean?

If you what to know "what SeneGence is" click here but today's post is short and sweet. I just wanted to quickly mention to meaning of Senegence, the word, and explain how the names of the company came to be. Broken down, SeneGence stands for: Senescence: process of ageing Intelligence: capacity to acquire and apply knowledge Synergy: working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Hence...SeneGence = long-lasting and anti-ageing products that really work!

What is Senegence?

I haven't really spoken much about what the company I work for actually is, but I really wanted to have a post on hear sharing the story of the company. Disclaimer: I didn't want to get anything wrong so this is pretty much copied and pasted straight from here . SeneGence is a multi-faceted, international corporation that is committed to making a positive contribution to women everywhere. It is a privately owned, network marketing company that is in the business of developing and selling personal care products through an independent sales network. In April 1999, SeneGence started with LipSense® Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color as its premier product. Initially, only six lip colours, a moisturizing lip gloss and a lip colour remover were offered. SeneGence now has a complete line of long-lasting cosmetic colours and anti-ageing skincare products as well as accessories and boutique items. Through the efforts of Founder, CEO and Chairwoman, Joni Rogers-Kante and the organisati

Pinned Post to Read!

Hannah's Lips UK was a business I started because I fell in love. Originally I fell in love with LipSense, but over time it became a greater adoration of the products and then I felt I had to share them! I started this website because selling the products wasn't enough for me, I wanted to also share everything I knew about the products. Having said that, I also wanted to share the business side of it and as most people who are looking for product knowledge are distributors I decided to use the same site. I thought it was important to make this post though because some of you pay be customers. So make sure you click on the relevant parts to the site below. If you are a customer purely looking for product information click here and for reviews click here.  If you want more information on joining my team and this business, click here .  If you want more information on how to run your business, click here .  Also, if anyone has any requests for posts they would like to re

SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator vs SeneDerm Facial Resurfacer

After taking this week to talk about our two face scrubs, I thought it was important to talk about the differences between the two products: Polishing Exfoliator vs Facial Resurfacer . You may notice from the appearance that they are obviously very different. The Facial Resurfacer is the black product and this is because it has a much higher concentration of volcanic ash in it, making it much coarser. Whereas the Polishing Exfoliator is the white product and while it still contains volcanic ash, it's grounded into a fine powder making it much gentler. Both products require the same application process. You take a very small amount on our finger and apply it to a wet face, then slowly work it in circular motions. It's super easy to use but defintely keep it away from your eyes as it can sting, just a little! So which one should you pick? The Facial Resurfacer is a much more aggressive scrub and is used as a powerful buffer to smooth your skin surfacer. It also get'

What's in: Polishing Exfoliator

SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components, which are very similar to the Facial Resurfacer . Volcanic Sand/Ash:  used to buff and exfoliate dead layers of skin. Nangai Oil:  a natural oil derived from the Nangai nut that helps skin maintain moisture. SenePlex Complex:  kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. Corallina Officinalis (Blue Seaweed) Extract:  provides sun protection an helps prevent ageing by hydrating, tightening and toning the skin. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract:  a skin-conditioning agent used in cosmetics and beauty care products because of its ability to act in oxidative stress and improve skin conditions. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: a mineral beneficial to skin. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate:  a mineral beneficial to skin. Orchis Morio (Orchid) Flower Extract:  used as a preparation of emollient products. This powerful anti-oxidant provides free radical protection and maxi

All About: Polishing Exfoliator

Reveal radiant, younger looking skin with the gentle polishing scrub in SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator. This delicate scrub includes very finely ground ash from the exotic island of Vanuatu and works to speed up cell turnover for healthy, glowing skin. As this is a gentler scrub, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. After using the more powerful SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer to achieve a smooth skin surface, further refine the surface of your skin with this gentler polisher. Polishing Exfoliator uses the same Vanuatu Volcanic Ash in Facial Resurfacer, but it is very finely ground into a fine powder. This powder is dispensed within the product and is used as an effective skin polisher. Polishing Exfoliator contains SenePlex Complex which helps increase cellular renewal by assisting in speeding up cell turnover to reveal new skin and slow down the ageing process. It also has Nangai Oil for pure moisture leaving a natural healthy glow after sl