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All About: BrowSense

BrowSense is Senegence's Brow colour allowing a two-step delivery system to create natural looking brows that stay all day. One end of the applicator is a controllable, fine sable brush that is used to apply the colour to the eyebrow with short, hair-length strokes. The other is a spool brush for grooming brow shape and evening out the colour for a very natural brow line. 

Coming in three colours, BrowSense contains the same long-lasting colour properties of LipSense. They are also waterproof and do not smear off, smudge, or rub off! The colour lasts just as long as LipSense Lip Colour, between 4 to 18 hours, but most towards the latter.

The science behind it is basically the same as that behind LipSense but with one difference … BrowSense last even longer on skin than LipSense! The reason is that the long-lasting colour technology applied to the face does not generally receive the same amount of assault movement as the lips. There is generally no physical movement or friction rubbing the colour off other areas of the face, like that inflicted upon the lips as lips move and are in contact with saliva and other liquids.
BrowSense needs to be shaken prior to application. Apply the colour to the skin of the eyebrow using short, hair-length strokes. Once the colour has been applied, use the brush end of the applicator and smooth away any excess colour for even, natural colouration. If desired, repeat these steps until the desired intensity is achieved. To create a Brow Kit use BrowSense, ShadowSense and Pearlizer.

You can also use BrowSense to hide grey hair. Use the bristled brush end of BrowSense to comb through grey brows. Thrust brush into BrowSense solution and cover with BrowSense.

BrowSense shades are removed by using liquid Fooops! SenseCosmetics Colour Remover. This unbinds the colour technology from the skin. If Fooops! is not used it may be possible the colour that binds to the skin will remove the top layer of skin when rubbed off with pressure.