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SenePlex Complex Explained

SenePlex Complex is a kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal, by rushing cells to the surface 23% faster than normal. As promised, here is a deeper look at what SenePlex Complex is.

What is a kinetic enzyme?
SenePlex Complex is referred to as an 'active' ingredient that impacts the way in which a process happens. Kinetic enzyme means that it speeds up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself.

Do the benefits reverse themselves when product is stopped?
The actives can only work when applied  therefore if one discontinues the use of the products, the actives are not present. Cells are no longer exposed so the cellular renewal cycles revert back to their standard original growth rate. The period of time will be determined by individual users standard growth cycle, but within four months.

What are some of the benefits?
SenePlex Complex reduces the number of dead flat skin with grey keratin, leading to the removal of dark shadows and weighted layers of dead skin that create indentations or wrinkles. Added moisture means more natural collagen and elastin hence increased elasticity and firmness. As there is more fluid in the cells for light to reflect, there is greater luminosity. The advanced hydrating and moisture retention process provides environmental protection while nourishing the skin.

Is it safe?
SenePlex Complex provides a healthy, safe, and effective approach to restoring the youthful appearance of the skin while encouraging new cellular growth. This system is designed to work synergistically, thereby maximising the benefits of each ingredient and encouraging this cellular growth. The result: youthful, vital skin. To see the results, click here.

How does it work?
This advanced complex works as the use of algae, plankton, seaweed and minerals replenishes and accelerates cell production without irritation. Additionally, orchid extracts and marine algae protect the skin from environmental damage, while the powerful combinations of Vitamin A and Vitamin E protect the skin from cell destroying free radicals.

What technology is incorporated?
SenePlex Complex incorporates an acid-free technology, UGL Complex. This is a huge step forward for skin care as it uses a new proprietary extract from marine sources rich in low molecular weight polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycan. It is a natural exfoliating complex, which with other natural components, can activate both epidermal and dermal cells resulting in improved cell renewal. It stimulates an increased production of hyaluronic acid which is important to tissue hydration, cell function and collagen. This all helps bring moisture to dehydrated or ageing skin.

In summary, it is: calming, clarifying, wrinkle reducing, moisturising and collagen increasing.