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SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator vs SeneDerm Facial Resurfacer

After taking this week to talk about our two face scrubs, I thought it was important to talk about the differences between the two products: Polishing Exfoliator vs Facial Resurfacer.
You may notice from the appearance that they are obviously very different. The Facial Resurfacer is the black product and this is because it has a much higher concentration of volcanic ash in it, making it much coarser. Whereas the Polishing Exfoliator is the white product and while it still contains volcanic ash, it's grounded into a fine powder making it much gentler.
Both products require the same application process. You take a very small amount on our finger and apply it to a wet face, then slowly work it in circular motions. It's super easy to use but defintely keep it away from your eyes as it can sting, just a little!

So which one should you pick?

The Facial Resurfacer is a much more aggressive scrub and is used as a powerful buffer to smooth your skin surfacer. It also get's deeper down into the skin layers. The Polishing Exfoliator is very gentle. It's less for buffing the skin and more so for polishing to get a shiner and more glowy look.

The main difference is that the Facial Resurfacer can only be used a maximum of twice a week whereas the Polishing Exfoliator, although recommended twice a week, can be done up to daily, as it is much gentler. If you use the Facial Resurfacer more frequently, it will remove natural oil production which can lead to an imbalance.

The products actually work hand in hand together. Once you've reached your desired skin surface, you then further refine it. However, if you're skin is extremley sensitive, you may be better suited to the Polishing Exfoliator alone. Without a doubt, if you have large pores, blackheads, whiteheads or acne like me, the Facial Resurfacer is the one you need...yesterday!