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Roadshow Tour: Interested in being a Distributor?

SheerSense is currently running a series of Roadshows up and down, all around the UK! I am so excited to go to some when they get a little bit closer to me next year but in the meantime, I wanted to share the opportunity with all of you as well.

These events vary slightly by location but it's in the home of introducing the company to more people across the country.
9-10.30am is an introduction to the company and a great why to see what it's all about. This is mainly for potential recruits but it's amazing for any distributor to hear and maybe improve their own pitching and understanding of the company. Given by Ian, our CEO, it's sure to be interesting!

Potential recruits are then given the choice to continue for the rest of the day and sign up or to leave. If they choose to sign up and stay, the sign up fee is reduced from £85 to £65, especially for the event. But the amazing thing is that you are still getting the free Blu-Red Starter Kit and then a full day of SheerSense training, plus free lunch and a chance to meet your fellow SheerSisters.

If you are already a distributor, the training will run 10.30am-4pm with lunch included but you should really try to arrive before 9am to meet and introduce yourself to potential recruits as well. As a current distributor, there is a slight upfront cost to the training of £10 which is payable to the companies PayPal account. Details for this is on the group but you can also message me if you want the address. Having said that, you do leave the event with a free LipSense Lip Colour of your choice, which is worth £22 retail so really it's a bargain! Make sure to but the name of the location as the reference.

I will try to keep the list of future Roadshows updated on this post but with so many others and constant updates, the easiest and quickest way to find out is on the SheerSense Limited Eventrbrite Profile. There you will see a list of all past events, current and future events.

The ones currently scheduled are both in Scotland:
  • 25th in Glasgow
  • 26th in Edinburgh 
Also, there will be photo opportunities throughout the events. If you are attending any of our roadshows as they make their way around the UK and would like to be considered to be included in future promotional material, please come fully made up as photographs will be taken at each of the events. It does not have to be a full face of Senegence makeup but LipSense on is greatly preferred. The dress code is smart casual.

Potential Recruits:

Do you love makeup, want to have your own business and be part of a community that supports and empowers women on their journey of success?

If you are thinking, “That’s me!” Join us for one of our SheerSense® Make-up Experiences. We are currently holding Roadshows throughout the UK where you can come along for our 90 minute introductory session, meet the team, try out the products and find out about the business opportunity.
If you decide that the opportunity is for you, you will be able to register to sign-up and join us for first class product and business training for the rest of the day, including lunch, at no extra cost. 

The SheerSense Make-Up Experience will:
  • Introduce you to our company SheerSense® and tell you about our extraordinary legacy
  • Demonstrate our SeneGence range of smudge proof, kiss proof, waterproof, long lasting makeup products
  • Explain why SheerSense® cosmetics are the best on the market and promote protecting the planet
  • Introduce you to the opportunity to become an independent distributor and build your own business