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The Senegence Story

Hearing someone with passion for the company and talk about it in so much detail is incredibly inspirational. I really wanted to remember the story I heard and share it here for everyone's benefit. Joni Rodgers is seriously one incredible woman. She is such a visionary and is a really remarkable woman. I feel very honoured to be apart of her company.

If you want to see a YouTube video of the Senegence story, click here or see below. I am nowhere near competent enough to share it in full but you can find a short and simple version below.

Joni, our founder, was a Mary Kay direct sales cosmetics distributor and as she was leaving for work with her son, her makeup got badly smudged. After deciding she needed makeup that didn't budge and was long-lasting. Searching and through her contacts, she came across Yorum Fishman who was a well known cosmetic chemist who worked with many cosmetic companies.

The two met, she told her dream and he answered with an incredible product formula and patented technology. At the time, he was already working on something similar but for long-lasting temporary tattoos instead. He had tried to sell the idea to a larger company but after being refused, he and joni decided to create their own instead.

Over the years, they've grown their product range and taken more people on board to create products that not only last but are good for and help your skin. For example, Leon was a botanist, who travelled to the island of Vanuatu and saw that orchids were still growing on an island of volcanoes. Doing some research, they realised that they had a built in ingredient, provided sun protection...and so SenePlex Complex, the crucial ingredient in many of our products, was born.

It was found the ash contained pure minerals and the fine dusting protected as while, providing a mechanical shield protection equivalent to SPF15. Plus, the pristine waters had incredible algae which is just now being utilised.

We are the first cosmetic company to ever include shea butter in products. I found it interesting to discover, shea butter is boiled from massive nut in Africa. We use grade A+ ingredients which is the highest quality, in every single product. While Senegence has expensive product, we also have very high concentrations of shea butter, and other high grade ingredients, in our products. We are a company on the edge of discovery. It wasn't until Senegence that shea butter was used in hospitals for healing, repair and restoration in burn victims.

Amazingly, Joni has very sensitive skin and she tests every single product on herself fist!