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How to Earn: Group Sales Volume Bonus

Following on from yesterday's post about Commission , I am going to be talking about Group Sales Volume Bonus' (GSVB). To earn a group bonus in a calendar month from the sales of you and your downline distributors, you must have placed orders yourself to be not only an active distributor in that month but also totalling 300 PV. The Bonus is NOT paid on the first 100 PV of an order because this is paid in downline commission hence GSVB is paid on cumulative orders of 101 PV and above. As with commission, the % depends on which level the downline is and for the UK it is as follows: For 1st level downlines you earn 10% of 101 PV and above from each downline. For 2nd level downlines you earn 6% of 101 PV and above from each downline. For 3rd level downlines you earn 4% of 101 PV and above from each downline. For 4th level downlines you earn 3% of 101 PV and above from each downline. For 5th level downlines you earn 2% of 101 PV and above from each downline.

How to Earn: Commission

Sales  are the simplest way to earn with SheerSense but there are other ways and that tends to be where the bigger money is. Commission is the next step in earning through the company and although it's a little complicated, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible! When a Distributor places a single order of at least £600 (£360 after discount) they become a Qualified Distributor, so they can now receive downline commission and other benefits from distributors that they have signed up. Once a Qualified Distributor always a Qualified Distributor. Downline commission is always calculated per month. Point Value (PV) is used to determine qualification for commissions and bonuses and is equal to half the of the retail value of a product. Commission Value (CV) is used to calculate c ommissions and bonus. When calculating these, CV is multiplied by a unique country factor. This is 0.7 in the UK i.e. CV = PV x 0.7. You can earn commission from any of your downlines. You

LAST CHANCE for August Sign Up Offer!

An important bonus blog post! Tomorrow is the absolute last day you can sign up to join SheerSense as an independent distributor for the special August offer with a discounted sign up free. For full details on the offer be sure to check out the announcement and if you are still undecided, make sure to read some of my posts over under distributors . Just remember, there are so many success stories coming out in this company, it's only going to get better! Click here to see this information in video form. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me via any of my social media outlets. If you want to join my team, message me today! Kisses, Hannah 💋

How to Earn: Sales

Today I am sharing exactly how you can earn with Senegence/SheerSense, of which there are many ways. While simply put you don't earn money through discounts , you do save money so you kind of do! The fundamentally basic way is via direct sales via 3 main ways which it is important to recognise. As a distributor you purchase products directly from Senegence or SheerSense at a discount. This can range from 20% to 50% depending on how much you purchase exactly. Some people choose to join the team simply to get a discount for themselves. This is perfectly fine. The maximum discount a distributor can sell for is 15% so regardless of how much someone buys, they will always get 20% off which is great! Especially if they choose to use the whole range of products Senegence offers. If you want to make a little bit of money of the side you can. You can sell products to family and friends to earn some money for specific reasons, like holidays! You don't have to go all in, but yo

How to Earn: Discount

Distributors can only sell products for a maximum 15% discount although this isn't recommended. Senegence's products are incredible and well worth the money that they cost. They are not products that need to be discounted in order to sell as they do speak for themselves via the facts and the results. Continuous or regular discounts will down value the products and customers will come to expect it. It's a big no NO! Once signed up as a distributor however, you automatically get a discount to every single order that you make. The actual amount of discount varies depending on the volume you buy at any one time.  This varies in each country and can range from 20% to 50%. In the UK, 40% is the maximum discount. For SheerSense, the discount are as follow: 0 to £199.99 = 20% discount £200.00 to £599.99 = 30% discount £600.00 upwards = 40% discount Click here to see this series announcement! As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other

What's in Nangai Oil?

Senegence is very open and honest about what their products are made of and it is very easy to find out the information. They pride themselves on using no animal by-products and instead utilising alternative sources ensuring the use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients that are gluten and GMO free. I would like to quickly mention that Nangai Oil is extracted from a nut and while no one with a nut allergy has reported an allergic reaction, if you are, I would suggest initially testing an area on your wrist first. As I have done with LipSense and  ShadowSense  I'm sharing the key ingredients in Nangai Oil and their benefits. Nangai Oil: a natural oil derived from the Nangai nut that helps skin maintain moisture. Glucosamine HCL: enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen. Algae (Seaweed) Extract: hydrates, softens and protects skin from the sun. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: a skin-conditioning agent used in cosmetics and beauty care products bec

The Uses of Nangai Oil!

Nangai Oil has so many great benefits and like I said yesterday, it is incredibly versatile! Just a few of the uses to name include: Dry skin Cuts Scars - Senegence's founder, Joni, used this on a scar which required stitches and the doctors were amazed at how fast it healed and that the staples were removing themselves because of the fast cell renewal  Stretch marks  Rashes Burns and sunburn Cradle cap Eczema Psoriasis Cuticles Moisturiser or a foundation base Hair oil to reduce dandruff Cracked lips Depending on the use, alters the method of application slightly. Simply put, apply a few drops to fingertips and rub until Nangai Oil is clear. It may harden by cold temperatures but it is easily warmed by your finger tip heat. If being put on your skin, use after cleansing and before moisturising at night.  For a hair oil, apply 1 to 3 drops in the palm of your hands, rub together and apply to mid shaft to the ends of your hair length.  If instead, it

All About: Nangai Oil

People describe Nangai Oil as a miracle in a bottle, with so many uses to help hydrate your skin , reduce healing time and improve skin quality. Nangai is a rich nut found on the tropical island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific and is known for its beneficial uses. The nut is squished and cold pressed to extract the Nangai nut oil which intensely moisturises and smooths the driest skin with natural blends of exotic oil and anti-ageing ingredients. We are now building orchards on the island to be able to gather the ingredients more readily in a sustainable manner. Uniquely, Senegence is the only cosmetics company allows to harvest this exact version. SeneDerm Solutions Nangai Oil contains SenePlex Complex along with the purest form of natural moisture retention ingredients currently available, helping the skin to retain it's moisture. It is a very light and velvety oil which helps reduce the signs of aging, making skin luminous, glowing and deeply hydrated. In addition, it p

Fractionated Coconut Oil vs. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Skin hydration is very important! The differences between coconut oil and caprylic/capric triglycerides can be confusing. Our most popular oil treatment, Nangai Oil, oftens begs for this question to be answered. Fractionated coconut oil is created by melting coconut oil and then letting it cool very slowly. The different kinds of fat in the oil separate based on their different melting points. This is a physical separation process, i.e. not a chemical reaction. It typically refers to the liquid portion of the coconut oil that has been separated from the harder fats. Triglycerides are made up of 2 components: glycerin and fatty acids. Fatty acids are chains of carbon and hydrogen, which vary in length. In a fat, the glycerol group holds three fatty acids together. Caprylic/capric acids are saturated fatty acids naturally present in coconut oil. To isolate the triglycerides from coconut oil, separation by steam hydrolysis of the fatty acids from the glycerol group is required. I

Hydrating your Skin!

For skin to be healthy, it needs to be hydrated! As you move closer the equator, and conditions grow hot and arid, skin becomes dryer and more wrinkled. As you move away from equator and towards the poles, skin becomes moister because of the humidity in the air. Humidity gives our skin precious water. Water is the most important component in skin, and is necessary for 99.9% of all reactions. The biggest way you lose water is through the skin as you perspire. The older you become, the larger the pores in your skin become, and therefore more water is lost through perspiration. Loss of water leads to unwanted signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin texture. This is why it's important to drink water regularly and consistently. With the goal to maintain appropriate moisture levels in skin, Senegence reviewed and surveyed high-end cosmetic preparations, and they all had 2 things in common: Water Triglycerides - specifically caprylic/capric triglycerides Capr

New Distributor Checklist!

When first signing up as a distributor, it can all be quite daunting. Your sponsor, as an upline, should be able to give you lots of helpful tips and tricks. I personally prefer my downlines to take some time to watch the training videos and read the information available on both the Back Office and in some of the Facebook groups that I, as your upline, will add you to. The information in these sources are incredibly useful! Here are a few tips directly from Senegence themselves. Learn how to work the Back Office Learn how to place an order - do your first one with your upline! Make your first £200 order to become an active distributor monthly Get your own tester kit Get a Credit Card processor Get a separate bank account for business Start an Inventory tracking system Sign up your best friend/sister and learn the business together Order business cards Commit to regular training at least once a week  Be active on group pages! Post on your own FaceBook page that you

Why Join SheerSense?

As with anything, everyone's reason for joining Senegence or SheerSense is different. If you want to read my reason why , I wrote a whole post about it a few weeks ago so click here to read that. Having said that, everyone has some similarities. There are very obviously, some clear running themes. It is a simple way to be your own boss and do a job at your own pace. The low start-up cost is such an amazing opportunity to start your own business. With a small, initial investment of £85 Registration Fee (renewable at £39 annually), completing the Distributor Application Form enables you to obtain your unique Distributor ID number and the Right to Purchase products at discounted rates. You will also receive Training, Media CD documentation and marketing material. It is recommended to sell at the retail price, however, you can arrange a  percentage off in some circumstances, up to 15% off and giveaway's to suit your needs.  The business can be run your way as long as you

How to Sign Up as a Distributor? / SheerSense

So as you may know, this month (August) there is a special offer to sign up as a distributor. During this, the sign up fee is just £55 which includes a free £50 LipSense Starter Kit. I thought I would share the process of how to sign up. To become a distributor you require a sponsor. This can be an existing distributor but you will need the distributor’s name and ID number to put on the Application Form. While I am going to discuss the process of signing up as a UK distributor, I can defintely go into detail for the US in the future if anyone would be interested or simply ask for that information. Your sponsor will fill in a couple of forms first, requiring this process This will then send you an email Click the registration link in the email Read the terms and conditions and then press accept Fill in the About You section then the Bank Details section; you do not need to fill in the Ref or VAT Registration Number Create a password Press continue to confirm  Select paym

How to Sign Up a Downline? / SheerSense

A few days ago I announced the big August announcement ! This month (August) there is a special offer to sign up as a distributor. During this, the sign up fee is just £55 which includes a free £50 LipSense Starter Kit. I thought I would share the process of how to sign up. While I will be sharing how a UK distributor can sign up  it's also important for distributors to sign up their downlines. Here are a few simple steps to follow. Please note, that these are only the steps for your downlines in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. If they are in Canada or the US, you still need to email . Go to your SheerSense Account  Click "Register a Recruit" Fill in the short form (see picture)...with you new downlines information! This will take you to a form to check the details Record their temporary ID  Confirm and submit the form when happy This will automatically send an email to your downline to complete their registration Try to

Distributor Q+A!

SheerSense is really pushing for distributors to sign up and recruit for this month, the month of August! On top of the incredible SheerSense opportunity, they have lowered the cost from £85 to £40 or £55 with a free Blu-Red Starter Kit! How amazing is that! I thought I would share some of the questions that are commonly asked by distributors. But note, these aren't my questions or answers. These are provided in documents across the internet! 1. Why should LipSense® Liquid Lip Colour initially be sold in a set? The long-lasting properties of the LipSense® colour product is enhanced by using one of the LipSense® Moisturising Glosses. LipSense® Glosses were formulated to work with the long-lasting technology of LipSense® whereas other gloss formulations may break down the staying power of LipSense®. In addition, the Moisture Glosses help to keep the lips moist and plump. The Ooops! Remover is especially designed to erase those Ooops! mistakes that can occur when applying the li

What's in ShadowSense?

What I love about Senegence is that they are always so open about what is in each of their products and I think it's really nice that they have natural ingredients that have specific purposes. Today I am sharing some of the main ingredients in ShadowSense and their properties! SenePlex Complex: kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. Cymbidium Grandifloum (Orchid) Flower Extract: powerful anti-oxidant for free-radical protection and maximum moisturisation. Algae (Seaweed) Extract: hydrates, protects and softens the skin by penetrating the top layer and enhancingself-repair. Tocopheryl: Vitamin E for maintaining enzymatic activity, combating wrinkles and neutralising free radicals. It is also an anti-oxidant and inhibits skin cancer and aids healing of skin ailments. Retinyl Palmitate: increases skin elasticity and thickening of the epidermis and dermis. Speeds up exfoliation to reveal younger, plumper skin cells helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines,

ShadowSense Colours!

Yesterday I shared all about our incredible eye shadows, called ShadowSense ! Just like I did with LipSense, I am sharing all the colours we have available. There are currently 21 different shades and they are all very pigmented.  There is such a range of colours with different finishes from matte to shimmers. Some of the most popular are Snow for the inner corner and brow bone, Onyx for the outer corner in smokey eyes and Candlelight for an all over eye lid colour. They are stunning! You can see all the individual eye shadow colours here .  Our shadows work best in groups of three. Here is an example of application.  Like with LipSense, it's important to recognise that different skin tones can produce a varied shade of colour. Here is a few of the shades on 2 different skin tones! As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms. Kisses, Hannah 💋

All About: ShadowSense!

ShadowSense is Senegence's long-lasting, beautiful and highly pigmented cream to powder eye shadow. It is very similar to LipSense in that it is smudgeproof, waterproof and lasts all day. It is blendable and gorgeous but the best part about it is that it is so incredibly versatile.  ShadowSense isn't just for your eyes! It can also be used on your face for concealer, highlighter, bronzer, contour and bronzer. Plus, other eye uses like mascara, brows and eye liner! This eyeshadow is ridiculously amazing and I love that it can be used for so many things. The long-lasting capabilities of ShadowSense with SenePlex leaves a creamy formula with an anti-aging formulation and advanced colour technology. The thick consistency provides a mechanical shield to protect the delicate eye area from UV, while it dries to a powder to leave a dense eye colour expression. I love that it comes in both Matte or Shimmer shades that are all so beautiful. How to Apply: Apply a small amo

All About: EyeSense Liquid Eye Liner!

Another product from SheerSense that I'm choosing to share today is EyeSense. EyeSense is our very own Liquid Eye Liner. It contains the same long-lasting properties of LipSense and is likewise, waterproof, does not smear off, smudge, nor rub off! EyeSense lasts even longer on skin than LipSense because when applied to the face, it does not generally receive the same amount of movement as do the lips. There is no physical movement or friction rubbing the colour off like that on the lips. As lips move and are in contact with saliva or other liquids, they don't last quite as long. The applicator features a sable brush for complete control. To apply: Shake first. Gently blow onto the colour on the brush for approximately three to five seconds for evaporation of the liquid. This allows quicker drying.  Begin to apply the colour, starting at the outside corner of the eye.  With one continual stroke, line in one direction.  On lower lashes, place brush on skin underneat

Other SheerSense Products!

When I first heard of LipSense, I thought that was the only product Senegence sold but I was totally wrong. Being a distributor has opened my eyes up to the incredible range of products that they also offer. You can find the full range of products on my  Facebook Page   Product photo album  and in my  Shop . I also have the  2017 Beauty Book  available to look at which has more details. While LipSense is the biggest seller, Senegence offers a vast array of other skin care and makeup products. Some of my personal favourites are the Oily to Acne 3 in 1 Cleanser and the ShadowSense which is their eye shadow. Can I just say, the ShadowSense is literally a product of dreams! It is such a versatile product, see below for just some of the incredible uses. Not only that but how dreamy are the colours!? You can also watch my YouTube video here to see a video version of this information.  As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team

LipSense Success Stories!

Today I am sharing just one of many success stories coming out of this incredible company that I have joined. Recently, my team put on an incredible event called ' A Look Inside - Exclusive Event '. There we shared a lot of information about this business and an intimate look at how it works. A number of people shared their stories and it's honestly so inspiring to hear them all. If you want access to this information as you are interested in joining my team, I can still add you to this event as all the information has been saved. Let me know by reaching out and I can get you in!  I thought I would share just one of the many success stories. I chose this one from my crown princess and absolute super star, Jalynn Schroeder.  "Heyyyyy!!! My name is Jalynn Schroeder and I am the leader of all of these amazing women you have read about this last week and that have added you to this page. My heart is so full when I see all the amazing things this company has don

Picking the Right LipSense Upline!

Today I am sharing my journey in finding a LipSense Upline and how to pick the right upline. As most of you know, I am an avid watcher of YouTube and have been for years. I love  Abby Smith  and I also read her  blog  because she shares the sweetest updates on her kids. When she started sharing this magical product about a lipstick that didn't move I immediately wanted to try it. I was just about to order some but I saw her reply to comment saying it was only available in the USA. I was devastated but of course, I didn't hold it against her and I watched lovingly from a distance. Over the next few months, so many more YouTubers I followed started to join the business and I saw the success it was bringing them. On a whim, I thought I would reach out to Carlie Wood, a YouTuber on  Carlie Stylez . She immediately replied to my email with a list of steps on how to sign up but not really answering my question. I didn't realise at the time, but looking back now, she clea