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Why Join SheerSense?

As with anything, everyone's reason for joining Senegence or SheerSense is different. If you want to read my reason why, I wrote a whole post about it a few weeks ago so click here to read that.

Having said that, everyone has some similarities. There are very obviously, some clear running themes.

It is a simple way to be your own boss and do a job at your own pace. The low start-up cost is such an amazing opportunity to start your own business. With a small, initial investment of £85 Registration Fee (renewable at £39 annually), completing the Distributor Application Form enables you to
obtain your unique Distributor ID number and the Right to Purchase products at discounted rates.

You will also receive Training, Media CD documentation and marketing material. It is recommended to sell at the retail price, however, you can arrange a percentage off in some circumstances, up to 15% off and giveaway's to suit your needs. 

The business can be run your way as long as you stick to the guidelines so it is very much your business and branding that is important. I love it for this reason too! 

Click here to watch my reasons why! 

If you like the sound of these, make sure you seriously consider the SheerSense opportunity! 

Kisses, Hannah 💋


  1. I'm so glad more people are having the opportunity to join!


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