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How to Earn: Group Sales Volume Bonus

Following on from yesterday's post about Commission, I am going to be talking about Group Sales Volume Bonus' (GSVB).

To earn a group bonus in a calendar month from the sales of you and your downline distributors, you must have placed orders yourself to be not only an active distributor in that month but also totalling 300 PV.

The Bonus is NOT paid on the first 100 PV of an order because this is paid in downline commission hence GSVB is paid on cumulative orders of 101 PV and above. As with commission, the % depends on which level the downline is and for the UK it is as follows:

For 1st level downlines you earn 10% of 101 PV and above from each downline.
For 2nd level downlines you earn 6% of 101 PV and above from each downline.
For 3rd level downlines you earn 4% of 101 PV and above from each downline.
For 4th level downlines you earn 3% of 101 PV and above from each downline.

For 5th level downlines you earn 2% of 101 PV and above from each downline.

With GSVB comes other conditions for the bonus to become applicable. For each level payment, 5 of your downline distributors in each level (other than the first) must have placed an order each of 300 PV in that downline level. For example, to be paid for the 3rd level at 4%, 5 of your 3rd level downlines must have placed a 300 PV order.

As always, if you have any questions please do message me!

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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