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How to Sign Up a Downline? / SheerSense

A few days ago I announced the big August announcement!

This month (August) there is a special offer to sign up as a distributor. During this, the sign up fee is just £55 which includes a free £50 LipSense Starter Kit. I thought I would share the process of how to sign up.

While I will be sharing how a UK distributor can sign up it's also important for distributors to sign up their downlines.

Here are a few simple steps to follow. Please note, that these are only the steps for your downlines in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. If they are in Canada or the US, you still need to email

  1. Go to your SheerSense Account 
  2. Click "Register a Recruit"
  3. Fill in the short form (see picture)...with you new downlines information!
  4. This will take you to a form to check the details
  5. Record their temporary ID 
  6. Confirm and submit the form when happy
  7. This will automatically send an email to your downline to complete their registration
  8. Try to make contact with them to help them sign up by clicking on the registration link in the email
  9. Once they have signed up, you will receive a congratulatory email!
Stay tuned for the next post to read what to do to sign up as a distributor!

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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