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What's in: Facial Resurfacer

SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components. Volcanic Sand/Ash: used to buff and exfoliate dead layers of skin. Nangai Oil: a natural oil derived from the Nangai nut that helps skin maintain moisture. SenePlex Complex:  kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. Corallina Officinalis (Blue Seaweed) Extract:  provides sun protection an helps prevent ageing by hydrating, tightening and toning the skin. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: a skin-conditioning agent used in cosmetics and beauty care products because of its ability to act in oxidative stress and improve skin conditions. Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder: used to prevent or reduce inflammation, as an astringent, and as a cleansing substance. As a side note, the walnuts are crushed to a powder so they won't cut the skin's surface. Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil: a plant derived emollient that mimics the lipid content of

All About: Facial Resurfacer

SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer contains grains of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash to help you achieve a glowing, smooth skin surface. A little goes a long way with this powerful facial buffer that works to rid skin of impurities and reveal soft, revitalized skin. As we age, our skin cycle slows down and natural exfoliation doesn’t occur as often as it does in youth. This effective facial buffer is just what you need to speed up cell turnover and reveal new skin. This formula contains particles of natural Vanuatu Volcanic Ash. This is excavated from a specific area of Mt. Yasur, the active volcano of Vanuatu. We are the only cosmetic company that uses this ingredient as we are the only ones allowed on the island! When analysed, the ash particles were shown to contain over 70% titanium and 30% iron, magnesium and calcium. This is a perfect combination for exfoliating skin without irritating it, making this product an ideal alternative to harsh microdermabrasion treatments. The formula

Ground Stage Opportunity!

I am recruiting new women to join my team of SheerSisters! Now is the time to join this company! Typically the term “ground-floor opportunity” means you are among the first people to be given this opportunity. It could mean this is a very small company and you are among the first employees or it could also mean this is a brand stock or product and not many people have heard of it so it is relatively cheap. In this case, you will be one of the first people to utilise this opportunity! We are just over the ground stage in the US and here in the UK, we have barely reached it. In the US, less than 500,000 have signed up and we have less than 1,000 distributors signed up! The UK rewards on paper aren't quite as good as the US but it will be. For example, cars and holidays will happen. As soon as a distributor is near the target, it will be discussed more and implemented. Until that stage, SheerSense is focusing more on more time crucial activities that will benefit us as distribu

A Sponsor's Role

I've done a few posts on me as an upline , how I chose my own upline and what you should look for in an upline but today I thought I would share a handful of things that a sponsor should keep in mind when supporting their downline. Most importantly, you must stay present in your downline's journey. Try to have at least weekly contact. At the start this will probably be a little more but after the first few months, you've still got to reach out and make the effort. Now that could be with a brief message to check in but also team training's for topics. Preferably, this is weekly but it doesn't have to be. At least monthly, at the very least. As I've mentioned, this training can be delegated to other team members if they have some value to deliver. As a sponsor you are there to not do everything for your downline but provide guidance. Add them to all of the important groups that you find useful and like. If they don't like them, they can always leave. Pro

The 5 P's to Business Success!

SheerSense is a very exciting company to be apart of and if you become a SheerSister, the opportunity is incredible. Anyone can join and it doesn't matter what your gender, race, background or experience is. The personal and professional growth opportunity is incredible. There are many resources available to help you improve and especially at the beginning, provide you with resources that you can utilise to promote your business and provide the knowledge you need to successful sell Senegence's product with accurate descriptions. It's a fun company to be apart of. As I referred to it as SheerSister's, you really feel like part of a family and it's crazy how close you become to people you haven't really spoken to before. We intimately know what each other is going through and happily help each other out. We are one team! Remember the five P's to help your business succeed: Product: wow People: engage Plan: goals Passion: energy Personal developme

DISC Personality Styles!

As you probably know, within the population there is a huge variety of personalities. It's important to recognise what type of personality you are to understand how you can help and support other people. The DISC model can help you understand yourself and others by describing the four main behavioural styles. However, each individual person can, and likely will, display some of all four behavioural styles depending on the situation. This blend of styles within each person is called a style blend. Each person’s style blend will have more of some traits and less of others. Usually your personality will be two of the four types and these tend to be directly next to each other, rather than diagonal. To work out your own personality and even to send out to your teammates, simply fill in the following table. For each row, decide which word you are most like and score it a 4, then order the second most like you score a 3 and continue with the remaining words.  Complete the table

The ACE Philosophy

The right attitude is essential for a business to succeed. Some people have the right attitude instinctively whereas others need to learn as they go. By applying the ACE Philosophy from Joni Rodgers' book ' Million Dollar Lips ' you can learn and maintain the right attitude needed to succeed in both the business, personal and home life throughout daily activities and challenges. A: Attitude - Don't spread negativity in a downwards direction throughout your team as it spreads quickly and diffuses throughout. If you feel you need to vent go up to your upline and above, who can perhaps implement a company change. C: Commitment - It's crucial to dedicate your time if you want to succeed. E: Effort and Enthusiasm - Love what you do and change it, if you don't love it with your heart and soul. Get to training's where absolutely possible to be able to be inspired and engage on a company level. The ACE Philosophy Code of Ethics  Tell the truth  Work with

What's in: Climate Control

Climate Control is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components. SelPlex : a blend of herbal oil extracts, vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin. SenePlex Complex : kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. Glucosamine HCl : enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen. Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil : an effective herbal remedy to treat eczema and skin conditions. Simmondsia Chinensis:  acts as a moisturiser and emollient agent to improve the skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural tocopherol to minimise oxidation and lipid pre-oxidation. Rosa Mochata Seed Oil : oderived from cold pressing hips of the rare forest shrub found growing in southern central Chile in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. This member of the rose family has flowers that are pink in colour and when the petals fall, the shrub develops vivid, orangey-red seed pods called rosehips. This rosehip oil has been used by local people for its so

All About: SelPlex Complex

SelPlex is a self suspension fluid. It is the matrix that holds the ingredients needed to complete the product formulation. This highly advanced suspension fluid is formulated in SeneGence fashion to be highly effective and is a mixture of both nature and science. SelPlex contains the very best scientific ingredients and humectants that help make your skin moisturised in a blend of specifically selected herbal oil extracts. These are mixed with vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin. SelPlex does not contain emulsifiers so that the penetrating qualities of these essential oils help to evenly disperse SenePlex Complex into the deepest layers of the skin when combined. The natural oil complex wedges between the cells to separate one cell wall from the next. It evenly delivers the purest of essential oils without emulsifiers that can dilute the actives. These go into the deepest layers of the skin. As the SelPlex makes its way between the cellular walls, it then delivers addi

The Uses of Climate Control!

I've now discusses why Climate Control is so amazing and the DualSense delivery system technology but I wanted to quickly talk about what you can use climate control for.  There are so many uses, that is why this product is so great. Not only is in hydration in it's purest form, but it's also got SenePlex and SelPlex Complex making it an anti-ageing product as well. Just a few of the specific uses include:  Sunburns Razor burns  Contact dermatitis  Eczema  Rosacea  Stretch marks Scars Melasma  Kitchen burns  Psoriasis  Bug bites  Wrinkles Dry skin ...and more! 

All About: DualSense

DualSense is the delivery system that is used mainly in one of our products, Climate Control. This revolutionary technology keeps two different but essential delivery systems separated until you are ready to begin using the product. This preserves the highest levels of product effectiveness. The two different delivery systems of Climate Control consist of the clear liquid top layer, SenePlex and a gelatinous blue matrix containing, SelPlex Complex combined with a high dosage of Sodium Hyaluronate (additional humectants) as the bottom layer. The delivery system of the bottom layer SelPlex allows for penetration of the SenePlex actives when combined. In this layer lies a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials. These combined deliver much needed essential fatty acids that are crucial in healthy cellular development as they cannot be synthesised by the human body. The delivery system of SenePlex is a liquid solution which delivers all the beneficial ingredients to the cel

All About: Climate Control

Climate Control is hydration in the purest form. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. It is the perfect anti-ageing moisturiser for sensitive and dry skin types. It's proprietary formulation of two separate and extremely effective delivery systems are cleverly combined into one advanced technology. This is known as a DualSense technology . It enhances the anti-ageing effects of SeneDerm Skincare Systems and can provide extra moisture for those times when your skin needs it most. Climate Control synergistically combines our amazing anti-ageing SenePlex Complex with another remarkable complex, SelPlex . SenePlex is the same amazing anti-ageing complex contained in the SeneDerm Skincare Systems. I will be dedicating a whole week of posts to this complex as it is so amazing! SelPlex is an additional, incredible complex formulate

Combining your LipSense!

I briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, about why it's important to wear your LipSense in 3 layers , that you can use the application process to your advantage. When you apply in 3 layers it means that you combine your lip colours to create a personalised colour to suit your own style. We have 36 incredible colours in our full time range, with many limited edition colours as well. Plus in the UK we still have some of the discontinued and what are known as 'unicorn colours' that are extremely high in demand. I haven't even mentioned on any of my social media profiles yet, so here is an exclusive, in the US 15 new colours have been added to the permanent line! How amazing is that. I will be sure to update soon! So I thought I would show you one example of combining colours. Click here to watch a YouTube video of me layering my LipSense. It shows me applying 1 layer of Napa and 2 layers of Beige Champagne. Sometimes, I don't really want to wear a dark purple

Rewording "Hosting a Party"

Yesterday , I spoke about how to get people to have a  party  but sometimes the physcial word 'party' can put people off. One of the key things with working this company as a business, is in person demonstrations. For years, we've called those parties and I have defintely posted graphics about hosting your own party, whether that be facebook or in home. People are very different in terms of personalities and what pressures would do to them in different ways. Because of that, we need to be able to use a variety of wording and types of demonstrations to attract everyone. A lot of people can be put off by the word 'party' as it can imply quite a lot of work. You have to provide snacks and drinks, and tidy the house ect. Even booking more from the one you are currently at, can detract people. If the guest has seen that the host has gone to lots of effort and put in a lot of time to prepare, they perhaps don't have the time to do the same. Instead reword it.

How to Overcome "it's too expensive"?

When I first heard about LipSense, even I can admit that I thought it was a little expensive. While the actual price of the lip colour itself is fairly reasonable, the cost of the starter kit is quite an expensive upfront cost unfortunately. I eventually talked myself around it and purchased my first set, quickly falling in love. The rest of the range is even more expensive unfortunately and while that might not be an initial discussion point, it can deter potential customers for continuing with Senegence cosmetics. One of the amazing things about this business is that you can offer multiple opportunities for people to save money. There are so many ways to get potential customers to purchase from you and help you earn. 1. Provide them with an education of the product. For example, LipSense has more to the ml than other lipstick products, has all the benefits and actually lasts the equivalent of 4 normal lipsticks if worn at the maximum staying power of three layers. Our skincare ra

Choosing who to Sponsor?

Coming from the P.I.T. STOP, one of the most interesting things that I learnt was a lesson in who to sponsor. The short answer is everyone . There's been a couple of people who have reached out to ask for information about the SheerSense opportunity and unfortunately, while I have responded, I have spoken about it, in anywhere near as much passion and detail as I should. Well I was clearly wrong.  I should never, ever ever judge someone as what they would like to be as a distributor without seeing the proof. The very valuable lesson that I thought was really eye-opening, was that you have no idea how successful someone may be in this business. The person who you thought would be incredible, ended up leaving after 2 months. The person who you thought was just faffing about, ends up being your first Crown Princess! I never thought about that before but it's so true. Similarly, I've not offered the SheerSense opportunity to people who don't pick up on it st

Information about Rankings!

I've done a post of UK Rankings within the company in terms of actual ranking names and what you need to do to quality for the individual ranks. Having now been to P.I.T. STOP, I've learnt more about how the ranks actually work so I would share some simple knowledge. As I mentioned in my last post , the most important thing to remember is to place your 300PV (equivalent to £600 before discount) order every single calendar month. The only way you can qualify for each individual rank is to place a 300PV order, otherwise it doesn't matter what your downlines do.  Rankings can only be reached if you have downlines. While you can make a successful income off your personal sales, having a team and sponsoring people is where the big money is. You rank reflects how successful you and your team are in that respect. Grow your first line as wide as possible and teach them how to succeed in this opportunity, so that they will go on to grow their first line, your second line. B

How to Succeed at being a Distributor?

I've recently attended the UK's first ever P.I.T. STOP which is a training for Independent Distributor's of SheerSense. They also have similar style training's in the US and across the world, but for Senegence. Before going, I hadn't realised that P.I.T. STOP was actually an abbreviation and stood for Princess in Training which I love! We had the wonderful Jeri (first ever Queen of Senegence) and Andrea (Canada's leader) training us and they very much stand by the vision that anyone can be a princess. I love that. It's so incredibly motivating and inspirational! Over the next few month's I'll be sharing more details and lessons that I learnt from the experience, plus the research I have undertaken since the experience. Today I thought I would share the top tips to help you succeed as a distributor! Take every opportunity to talk to people around you. Always wear your stripes. Grow your team. This is where the big money is. Don't put of

What's in LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm?

Talking about what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on them, especially on the most sensitive skin on our bodies...our lips. By knowing what is in our products, we can know whether they are good for us or not. Today, I'm going to talk about the key ingredients and benefits of each, within our LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm. Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil) : used to treat a wide variety of skin problems including bruises, burns, rash, scabies, skin infections, and wounds. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa):  commonly referred to as Cocoa Butter, this vegetable oil is derived from the seeds of the tropical Cacao tree; it comes as a solid oil which softens the skin and protects it against environmental influences. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter):  considered a plant lipid, it works as a natural moisturizer; oil and fat components of skin prevent moisture evaporation, the lipids work by providing lubrication to the skin’s surface. Corallina Officinalis (Blue Sea

All About: LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm

LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm is one of the products that my upline loves! She said it was the reason she fell in love with the company. I have to admit, it's the best lip balm I have ever used and I love how it feels! You can say goodbye to dry, rough lips and hello to long-lasting nourishment and protection. Moisture rich botanicals help to bind hydration to lips and the inclusion of SenePlex Complex provides anti-aging and restorative benefits. The lightweight formula is fragrance-free with a matte finish. It is the perfect everyday product and the best night time treatment. Moisturizing Lip Balm was blended with the finest moisturizers and lip conditioners to help alleviate dry chapped, and damaged skin. It delivers a much needed moisture to the vermillion of lips. It also helps maintain the moisture of lips while protecting lips from moisture loss. The versatile and rich formula conditions and softens lips, helping to increase cellular renewal for speedy recovery from da

All About: LinerSense

Lining is the first step to your perfect pout. Made with the same long-lasting technology of LipSense, versatile colors of LinerSense blend and complement, line and define your luscious lips. It contains many of the same ingredients and benefits as LipSense Lip Colours making it safe to use while protecting your lips from UVA and UVB radiation. The colours blend, complement, line and define as the first step to creating the perfect pout. They offer the same long-wearing ability as LipSense lip colours. They are also waterproof and do not smear off, smudge or rub off! Although Mother Nature does a pretty good job, she does not always provide us with two sides to our mouth that are identical – and it is this that gives us our individuality. However, sometimes we feel we could improve on that, but don’t worry if you end up with one side not being an exact replica of the other – it is more natural if it is not! Unfortunately, as time passes and we suffer the odd cold sore, or a f

What's in Ooops! Remover?

Continuing on from yesterday, what exactly is in Ooops! Remover. The key ingredients have specific benefits that we utilise to create a product that is not only functional but also helpful. Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A): fundamental for increasing skin elasticity and thickening of the epidermis and the dermis, vitamin A plays an important role in RNA synthesis. It is known for its cellular renewal properties that speed up exfoliation to reveal younger, plumper skin cells which produces new and healthy cells in the skin and the body. This process of cell renewal and exfoliation helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin irregularities. DL Panthenol (Vitamin B): essential for formation of new healthy tissues. Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C): an inert earth mineral used as a thickening ingredient and sunscreen in cosmetics. It protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered to have no risk of skin irritation. Tocopheryl (and Tocopheryl Acet

All About: Ooops! Remover

I've previously touched upon how to remove Lipsense using Ooops! Remover but I haven't explained why it works! Our  Ooops! Remover is especially designed to erase those “Ooops!” mistakes that can occur when applying LipSense Liquid Lip Color, but it will also help remove and lift LipSense. This is perfect for when you want to change your shade with your outfit or to take it off at the end of the day. It will completely remove all the color from your lips. So how does it work? It is specially formulated to gently remove the patented long-lasting color technology of LipSense. Like I said, it can be used, as both a remover after the color technology has been on the skin for a number of hours and as an instant mistake corrector. Bare in mind, if you want to remove mistakes, you need to work quickly! It works as an unbinder for the color technology which molecularly binds to the skin. To use, dip the wand into the Ooops! Remover and gently wipe the applicator on the area