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All About: Climate Control

Climate Control is hydration in the purest form. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level.

It is the perfect anti-ageing moisturiser for sensitive and dry skin types. It's proprietary formulation of two separate and extremely effective delivery systems are cleverly combined into one advanced technology. This is known as a DualSense technology. It enhances the anti-ageing effects of SeneDerm Skincare Systems and can provide extra moisture for those times when your skin needs it most.
Climate Control synergistically combines our amazing anti-ageing SenePlex Complex with another remarkable complex, SelPlex. SenePlex is the same amazing anti-ageing complex contained in the SeneDerm Skincare Systems. I will be dedicating a whole week of posts to this complex as it is so amazing!

SelPlex is an additional, incredible complex formulated specifically as a soothing and highly moisturising fluid, that when combined with SenePlex Complex, delivers it deeper into the layers of the skin.

Due to the DualSense delivery system technology, Climate Control starts working only when you are ready for it to start working. This highly advanced anti-ageing moisturising formulation is designed with a remarkable dual delivery system technology, DualSense.

This revolutionary technology keeps two different but essential delivery systems separated until you are ready to begin using the product. It will arrive in it's unactivated form to preserve the highest levels of product effectiveness.

When ready to use, vigorously shaking the bottle to mix the two delivery systems together by activating the active ingredients of SenePlex. You will see the two layers combine so two become one and it will change to a cloudy substance. The DualSense Delivery System provides a mechanism and a vehicle for the fresh actives of SenePlex delivery system to be available for penetration into the deepest layers of the skin, as well as providing the skin particular essential acids it cannot synthesise itself.

The actives in climate control are not activated until one vigorously shakes the clear actives into the blue delivery system. Unshaken, and therefore unactivated, the shelf life of the product is 7 years. Once activated, the actives will be active up to 6 months.

Climate Control is suitable for almost everyone but particularly for those with sensitive and very dry skin types. These people will be able to experience the beauty of our anti-ageing system by using a product that is specifically designed for them in mind.

Sensitive skin tends to lack moisture at the cellular level. This lack of moisture causes dryness, which in turn causes irritation, creating a heating sensation. Additional humectants help to increase moisture content. As moisture spreads, so does SenePlex. The herbal oil extracts soothe irritations of the skin as the moisturiser relieves the dryness and. It removes friction therefore the heat sensation is eliminated.

Within eight weeks of usage, the cellular renewal cycle begins to increase in the skin, making proper moisture content and beautiful skin a reality. Climate Control is also perfect for those who experience dryness of skin as a result of changing climates from one season to the next. Exposing skin to varying climates and inconsistent diets while travelling may contribute to temporary dryness as well. Climate Control is perfect for the times you your skin asking for a bit more moisture.

Before the first application, you do need to shake the moisturiser vigorously to evenly blend SenePlex Complex with the suspension fluids. Before the first application pump the spray nozzle several times for the first usage to start the even flow of Climate Control.

Climate Control should be applied directly to clean skin before any other moisturizing product. It is the first product you should use after washing and cleansing your skin. Apply liberally both day and night, on the face, eye and throat area before the application of SeneDerm DayTime Moisturiser, Evening Moisturiser and EyeCreme.

As the molecules in Climate Control are needed to penetrate to the deep layers of the skin, the molecules are very small. You must use use another product after the application of Climate Control to seal it into the skin. These small molecules need holding in with a larger molecule substance to prevent evaporation.
Amazingly, it has lots of weird and wonderful uses. It can be used for sunburn and many other cooling uses as it relieves that burning feeling. This is especially useful for burned scalps. People have even reported an increased hair growth! Any bald people out there? Funnily, it can also be used for treatment aftershave in men too.


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