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All About: LinerSense

Lining is the first step to your perfect pout. Made with the same long-lasting technology of LipSense, versatile colors of LinerSense blend and complement, line and define your luscious lips. It contains many of the same ingredients and benefits as LipSense Lip Colours making it safe to use while protecting your lips from UVA and UVB radiation.

The colours blend, complement, line and define as the first step to creating the perfect pout. They offer the same long-wearing ability as LipSense lip colours. They are also waterproof and do not smear off, smudge or rub off!

Although Mother Nature does a pretty good job, she does not always provide us with two sides to our mouth that are identical – and it is this that gives us our individuality. However, sometimes we feel we could improve on that, but don’t worry if you end up with one side not being an exact replica of the other – it is more natural if it is not!

Unfortunately, as time passes and we suffer the odd cold sore, or a few smiles lines, etc., and the definition of our lips becomes less distinct, and looking glamorous takes a bit more effort, in these circumstances a Lip Liner can make so much difference it is unbelievable – and there are those of us to whom the Lip Liner is almost the most important tool of our entire make-up procedure.

LinerSense Lip Liner allows you to place your outline just where you want it and it stays where you put it – and no-one will ever know.

It should be applied prior to LipSense liquid lip colour. After shaking, apply colour onto the sable brush and begin application to the outer corner of your lower lip, moving the colour in one continuous direction to the center of the lip. Repeat this process from the opposite corner of the lip meeting the LinerSense shade in the middle. Repeat the process for the upper lip. To remove, use our Ooops! Colour Remover.


  1. Not that you need a liner but useful for a contrasting colour!


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