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How to Overcome "it's too expensive"?

When I first heard about LipSense, even I can admit that I thought it was a little expensive. While the actual price of the lip colour itself is fairly reasonable, the cost of the starter kit is quite an expensive upfront cost unfortunately. I eventually talked myself around it and purchased my first set, quickly falling in love. The rest of the range is even more expensive unfortunately and while that might not be an initial discussion point, it can deter potential customers for continuing with Senegence cosmetics.

One of the amazing things about this business is that you can offer multiple opportunities for people to save money. There are so many ways to get potential customers to purchase from you and help you earn.

1. Provide them with an education of the product. For example, LipSense has more to the ml than other lipstick products, has all the benefits and actually lasts the equivalent of 4 normal lipsticks if worn at the maximum staying power of three layers. Our skincare ranges all last at least 3 months which is amazing. A little really does go a long way! We are gluten free, lead free, wax free, kosher, vegan and animal cruelty free. We have patented formulas that are specifically their to benefit the skin. Talk about SenePlex Complex, it's an amazing anti-ageing kinetic enzyme that brings cells to the surface 23% faster than normal!
2. To start off, tell them that they don't have to buy anything. The first goal is to get them to try on the product. Taking LipSense, for example, once it's on their lips, people tend to fall in love with amazement for the product. It really is incredible. Put people at ease and do demonstrations to get them interested in the product first. Don't think about sales.

3. Give them the opportunity to host a party. Give them the reward programme for hostess gifts. Here are just a couple of examples but you can make up your own. It is your own business after all. Tell them that their friend's purchases can go towards their own discount and they can even qualify for freebies. It's even better if their friends then want to host their own party!
4. Talk to them about becoming a distributor themselves. They can sign up simply for the 20-50% discount by buying at wholesale prices. They can choose to buy it for their own benefit or even make money by selling themselves. Either way, you will be here for them to talk them through all the possibilities and guide them through.
5. Offer a payment plan. Especially as it's coming up to Christmas, it's a great way to spread the cost over the next couple of months. That way it doesn't seem like such a bulk sum of money up front.

There are just a few ideas to help people get over the idea that it is "too expensive". I would love to hear yours if you have any! Leave them in the comments below.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me via any of my social media outlets. If you want to order your own product, message me today!

Kisses, Hannah 💋


  1. These are some things I apply to help people spend a little bit of money still to get hooked!


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