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All About: DualSense

DualSense is the delivery system that is used mainly in one of our products, Climate Control.
This revolutionary technology keeps two different but essential delivery systems separated until you are ready to begin using the product. This preserves the highest levels of product effectiveness.

The two different delivery systems of Climate Control consist of the clear liquid top layer, SenePlex and a gelatinous blue matrix containing, SelPlex Complex combined with a high dosage of Sodium Hyaluronate (additional humectants) as the bottom layer.

The delivery system of the bottom layer SelPlex allows for penetration of the SenePlex actives when combined. In this layer lies a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials. These combined deliver much needed essential fatty acids that are crucial in healthy cellular development as they cannot be synthesised by the human body.

The delivery system of SenePlex is a liquid solution which delivers all the beneficial ingredients to the cells when applied to the skin. The actives impact the growth of living cells and increase the cellular renewal process.

It is well known throughout the cosmetic and skin care industries that when contained within a mixture of other ingredients, the effectiveness of actives diminishes with time. It is also known throughout the scientific communities of the cosmetic industries that the emulsifiers in the suspension fluids are suppose to deliver the actives into the skin. Emulsifiers are ingredients that help assist in the production of an emulsion or the blend of ingredients that are seemingly unable to be mixed together.

Emulsifiers are made of molecules, the size of which is measured in molecular weights. Molecular weights of the majority of emulsifiers are much too large to penetrate the skin, therefore unable to deliver actives and other beneficial ingredients into the layers of the skin.

The actives in SenePlex Complex are not activated until vigorously shaken and evenly distributed throughout the SelPlex suspension delivery system. SelPlex's self suspension delivery system is formulated using herbal oil extracts mixed with vitamins and tocopherols. Both SenePlex and SelPlex delivery systems are beneficial to the skin and can stand alone as delivery systems in separate products. The amazing thing about our products is that by combining these two delivery systems together into one, the combined effects of this unique system is remarkable.

The DualSense Delivery System Technology aids in providing more moisture and other beneficial ingredients contained in the self suspension fluid by penetrating into the deepest layers of your skin as it distributes the fresh and newly activated actives of the SenePlex Complex. This process alone increases the effectiveness of the SeneDerm with SenePlex Anti-Aging SkinCare System.


  1. DualSense is an incredible technological delivery system.


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