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Rewording "Hosting a Party"

Yesterday, I spoke about how to get people to have a party but sometimes the physcial word 'party' can put people off.

One of the key things with working this company as a business, is in person demonstrations. For years, we've called those parties and I have defintely posted graphics about hosting your own party, whether that be facebook or in home.

People are very different in terms of personalities and what pressures would do to them in different ways. Because of that, we need to be able to use a variety of wording and types of demonstrations to attract everyone.

A lot of people can be put off by the word 'party' as it can imply quite a lot of work. You have to provide snacks and drinks, and tidy the house ect. Even booking more from the one you are currently at, can detract people. If the guest has seen that the host has gone to lots of effort and put in a lot of time to prepare, they perhaps don't have the time to do the same.
Instead reword it. Say:

  • Cookies and Tea - simply a cup of tea and a plate of cookies
  • Lip N' Sip - provide some glasses and you bring a bottle or two or prosecco 
  • Lip N' Lunch - go out for lunch but bring your tester kit to try on in the bathroom
  • Lipstick N' Lemonade - same principle but non-alcoholic 
  • Girl's Night - fun chit chat
  • Free Try on Makeup - literally who doesn't 
You can even do 1-on-1 demonstrations with individuals. In other words, switch up your wording so that it doesn't put people off. This way you are advertising for a wide range of people. 

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me via any of my social media outlets. If you want to order your own product, message me today!

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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