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Distributor Q+A!

SheerSense is really pushing for distributors to sign up and recruit for this month, the month of August! On top of the incredible SheerSense opportunity, they have lowered the cost from £85 to £40 or £55 with a free Blu-Red Starter Kit! How amazing is that!

I thought I would share some of the questions that are commonly asked by distributors. But note, these aren't my questions or answers. These are provided in documents across the internet!
1. Why should LipSense® Liquid Lip Colour initially be sold in a set?
The long-lasting properties of the LipSense® colour product is enhanced by using one of the LipSense® Moisturising Glosses. LipSense® Glosses were formulated to work with the long-lasting technology of LipSense® whereas other gloss formulations may break down the staying power of LipSense®. In addition, the Moisture Glosses help to keep the lips moist and plump. The Ooops! Remover is especially designed to erase those Ooops! mistakes that can occur when applying the lip colour.

2. What if my repeat customers have plenty of Ooops! left but would like to buy another colour or Gloss without having to buy the whole set?
Sell them an individual colour or Gloss. Remember, LipSense® should initially be bought in set form. When you, the Distributor, buy your product from SheerSense®, you can buy as many singles as you purchase complete sets. This allows you to have single colours for just such situations. Remember when ordering extra singles, you will need extra Gloss as well.

3. Do I have to charge the suggested retail price for the product?
SheerSense® has determined the Suggested Retail Price for each product in our line. We strongly discourage selling the product for anything more or less than the Suggested Retail Price. If customers wish to purchase products at a discount they may become a SheerSense® Distributor and purchase products directly from the company at a 20% up to a 40% discount from suggested retail.

4. What are your normal business hours?
Normal business hours are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday.

5. How long does it take to receive a product order?
Orders are generally processed for within two business days after receipt. It will usually take between five to seven working days upon receipt of the order.

6. What is the best and most expeditious way to place an order?
The quickest and most efficient way of ordering your product is on-line ordering. You may also fax or mail in your orders. When faxing or mailing in orders please make sure that all information is filled out completely and correctly on each form.

7. Can I phone in my orders?
Yes, the office is available during normal business hours to take your telephone orders, or to help you with your on-line or fax order. However, we strongly suggest ordering online as this is the quickest and most efficient ordering method.

8. Where can I sell the product?
SheerSense® is set up as a Direct Selling Company. Distributors sell product via group demonstrations in homes, at work, at trade shows, conventions and expo events.
You may sell SeneGence® products anywhere within the Country in which you are a Distributor. As well, you may sponsor new Distributors in any Country in which SeneGence® is currently allowing new Distributor sign ups. This includes small, privately owned, non-chain retail establishments as well.
You cannot sell the product on eBay or Amazon and doing so will be seen as going against your Distributors contract. You must sell the product at the retail price.

9. Can I advertise on the web, including putting up my own web-site?
Trademarked or copyrighted material shall not be used as part of the content of any website or web page, except: on a Company-approved website, if specifically approved by SheerSense to link to a SheerSense site or as provided to the Distributors by SheerSense as a website page referencing the product and the Distributor's SeneSite. Trademarked or copyrighted material may not be used in any meta tags, domain names or URL, or to register for any internet search engine or direct traffic to any unapproved website.

10. What is the return policy for a Distributor with their customer regarding our products?
If a problem should occur with your customer regarding product, it is the Distributor's responsibility to either exchange product or refund the money to the customer. SheerSense® guarantees replacement, to the Distributor, of any products returned to you by your customer.

If you have any more questions that aren't covered in this blog post or others I have shared, or you simply can't find the answer, feel free to message me on here or anywhere else.

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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