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New Distributor Checklist!

When first signing up as a distributor, it can all be quite daunting. Your sponsor, as an upline, should be able to give you lots of helpful tips and tricks.

I personally prefer my downlines to take some time to watch the training videos and read the information available on both the Back Office and in some of the Facebook groups that I, as your upline, will add you to. The information in these sources are incredibly useful!

Here are a few tips directly from Senegence themselves.

  1. Learn how to work the Back Office
  2. Learn how to place an order - do your first one with your upline!
  3. Make your first £200 order to become an active distributor monthly
  4. Get your own tester kit
  5. Get a Credit Card processor
  6. Get a separate bank account for business
  7. Start an Inventory tracking system
  8. Sign up your best friend/sister and learn the business together
  9. Order business cards
  10. Commit to regular training at least once a week 
  11. Be active on group pages!
  12. Post on your own FaceBook page that you are starting a business, change your occupation to SheerSense Independent Distributor 
  13. Make a Facebook group for your business and invite people
  14. Wear your stripes everywhere 
  15. Have a launch demo to announce the grand opening of your business and invite EVERYONE!
While I personally don't think, all these are necessarily needed nor is the list limited to these items but it's a place to start and it provides you with a little information to what this start up might entail! 

As always, I as your upline will talk you through the whole process and be there for you entirely. 

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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