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Senegence: The Company Values

After recently returning from P.I.T. STOP, our training provided me with a lot of insight into the company and the company values that they stand by. Those beliefs make up the very essence of what it's like to be a part of this company and it is honestly such a refreshing purpose.

One of my favourite things is that none of the products are delivered in a box. Unlike most cosmetic companies who deliver every single individual product in it's own box, none of our products come in prepackaged boxes. As our trainer rightly pointed out, the boxes are only ever wasted and thrown away before even using the product! This is such an environmental waste and burden. We don't use packaging, not because we're cheap, but because we're conscious of the planet and it's valuable resources. A value that is very much akin to my own.

A resounding fact shown in our independent tests show that the allergy rate over the whole of our product range, has just 3 in 100 allergic. While I originally thought that sounded quite high, most cosmetic companies have a score of at least 4 in 100 so in actual fact, our products are amazing for sensitive skin!

Senegence's products strive for natural looking makeup and skincare that makes you feel beautiful without needing to wear any at all. The makeup range doesn't mask skin but simply uses natural beauty and enhances it. Our skincare (also contained within our makeup) works at a cellular level to have healthier, younger looking skin. It's very much about beauty from inside out as it penetrates the skin rather than clogs the pores.

On a similar idea, as a company it aims to make it's products 98% natural and 2% science. You will find in the ingredients lists, openly shared, the majority of ingredients are naturally sourced and not made. Not only are they mostly natural, but they are also naturally reoccurring natural ingredients so our products are sustainable.
While it would be amazing to be fully natural, we produce high quality products that are long lasting. If something was 100% natural, it would need to be stored in a refrigerator to be kept safe, which is unrealistic to most.

SeneGence empowers individuals around the world with a means to create a home-based business with unlimited growth potential; using proprietary anti-aging and patented long-lasting color products through an Independent Distributor career path that really works.

Of course, ethical based values are the most numerous. Of course, we use no animal products and have never been tested on animals. We use alternative sources and test on us! Humans who have volunteered and consented! All the products are formulated with FDA approved ingredients and made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility, in the United States for stringent quality control.

The company always strives to do the right thing and support both the distributor community but also worldwide causes. I was amazed at the sheer out pour of love shown by so many in support of sufferers of the recent hurricanes. Plus, supporting charities is a very strong belief. The MakeSense Foundation was set up to support causes yearly that are chosen by distributors themselves.

Most wonderful to see though is the SeneSisterHood that distributors share. Not only do you gain a business when you sign up, but you also gain so many friendships. I am beyond forever grateful.