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All About: Polishing Exfoliator

Reveal radiant, younger looking skin with the gentle polishing scrub in SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator. This delicate scrub includes very finely ground ash from the exotic island of Vanuatu and works to speed up cell turnover for healthy, glowing skin.
As this is a gentler scrub, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. After using the more powerful SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer to achieve a smooth skin surface, further refine the surface of your skin with this gentler polisher. Polishing Exfoliator uses the same Vanuatu Volcanic Ash in Facial Resurfacer, but it is very finely ground into a fine powder. This powder is dispensed within the product and is used as an effective skin polisher.

Polishing Exfoliator contains SenePlex Complex which helps increase cellular renewal by assisting in speeding up cell turnover to reveal new skin and slow down the ageing process. It also has Nangai Oil for pure moisture leaving a natural healthy glow after sloughing off dry, dead skin.

Following completion of your Facial Resurfacer use, further refine skin surface by gently massaging Polishing Exfoliator onto clean, moist skin using light circular motions. Again, make sure to rinse well and avoid your eyes. The recommended use is again twice per week but as this is a gentle scrub, you can use it more frequently.