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How to Apply LipSense Stripes?

I recently talked about why wearing LipSense stripes is important and how it can help grow your business, but some people were wondering how they were applied. Well it's really simple! You just apply them the exact same way as LipSense on your lips...with a couple extra steps.
  1. Clean and dry you hand 
  2. Shake your chosen lip colour 
  3. Apply one layer on LipSense 
  4. Let dry for at least a minute 
  5. Apply second layer and third layer, letting both dry thoroughly 
  6. Repeat for 2 to 4 other colours
  7. Apply a layer off glossy gloss over the top 
  8. Wipe off the gloss with a tissue 
It's that simple!

The best thing about it, is that you can even customise your stripes. You can go from simply drawing on rough stripes, to neatening them up with Ooops! Remover, using a stripes stencil or even a different shaped stencil - flowers, hearts and lips are the most popular! I bought all the stencils I use, from my friend Sandie!
To see a video version of this information, be sure to watch the video here or see below.