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P.I.T. STOP - Day 1 and 2!

This past weekend was not only my first ever P.I.T. STOP but also the UK's first. It was really amazing to be part of the pioneer group of 70 women who were there to learn more about the incredible business that is just starting out in this country.

P.I.T. STOP stands for Princess in Training and it's all about how to further yourself in this business and gain a deeper understanding of the product knowledge. I'll be writing up what I learnt during the training over the next few weeks but for the rest of the week I thought I would share some of the pictures I took over the 4 days I was there!
I set off a day early with two women, one who had offered to drive me and I was very thankful, and another who refused to let me pay for the room on Thursday night. Honestly, I was completely spoilt! 

We headed over and split the journey in half, spending the afternoon on Thursday shopping after a yummy Pizza Hut lunch, followed by a relaxing hotel break before a pub meal in the evening. 

When we arrived on Friday, we were one of the first ones there and it was actually really nice to slowly get to know groups of people, rather than suddenly seeing 70 women all at once. 

In the evening, we headed to a top secret location for product announcements, goodie bags and the opportunity to meet the team, as well as our amazing trainers for the weekend! Welcomed by drinks and beautiful flowers, we got to meet each other and be wowed by some of the new product launches. 

 Jeri, the first Queen of the company, was amazed by the double decker bus for our journey home!
See day three here!


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