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Facebook vs In Home Party!

One of my favourite things about being apart of this company is that you set your own pace and most of it is done online. Facebook parties are a massive component and mechanism to increase sales of our products.

Facebook parties are all fine and dandy. In fact they let you very easily share a lot of information quickly with little work and it can be replicated quickly. However, I personally feel like, where possible, an in home party works much better.
Online, people can see the colours and read the information but there is a lot of it and people get bored and tired of reading it. In person, you can simply explain the product and then show the proof! Show people that our LipSense Lip Colour doesn't move. Even better is that they can try the product themselves and actually test them.

I would defintely say that my top tip is that you have testers. I wouldn't say it's necessary to have all the colours available but I would suggest at least a handful, with at least one from each family of colours i.e. red, pink, purple, orange, brown, purple ect.

While Facebook parties can have posts edited and published in advance, it doesn't allow the more personal approach. People can't visualise your passion and they don't get to see you talking about it with the amount of love. They may be able to relate the product to you, but they won't be able to tell if you truly believe and mean what you say. Are you just trying to make money?

What do you think about Facebook vs In Home Parties?


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