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California Dreamin' Collection - LipSense (Limited Edition)

Daydreaming of the gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery of a California wonderland. This range of shimmering, matte and sparkling textures combines the versatility and the perfect pop of seasonal colour too.

The California Dreamin' Collection has been split into 2, with a ShadowSense and a LipSense edition. The LipSense package includes a stunning mint green sparkle bag, 2 Lip Colours, a Gloss and an Ooops! Remover.
Sunshine LipSense: a soft pink colour with glowing golden pearl.
Boysenberry LipSense: a juicy plum berry colour with a matte finish.
Citrus Grove Gloss: a soft, translucent coral colour with iridescent glitter, which features a fresh orange blossom scent too!