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The 8 Uses of ShadowSense!

ShadowSense is an incredible versatile product. There are so many uses and they all look incredible. Today, I'm going to share them all with some tips on application and images for examples too! If you want further advice on which shade which suit your skin tone, let me know. 
First up is the most obvious, as a shadow! You can use a single shade for a simple and quick pop of colour or combine shadows to create stunning eye looks. These four are examples of eye looks ranging from 2 shades to 4 shades being used, and only the permanent range colours. If you are wanting the shades to be more pigmented, use Candlelight all over for a base first. Make sure to apply a little at a time and build the colour with layers until your happy with the colour. Use a fluffy brush to blend and pat the product on gentle.
 You can also use ShadowSense on your lips. To do this, you need to layer it between a layer of LipSense Lip Colour either side and top with a gloss. You can do this with a pigmented lip shade to mix the colours up, or if you want the pure ShadowSense colour, you can layer it between our clear Icicle LipSense. Alternatively, a light shade such as Bombshell, Kiss Me Katie or Cappuccino also works great.
 Before I started using our concealers, I used to use Candlelight as a concealer and I still do sometimes, depending on how much coverage I need. Sandstone Pearl is another great choice for covering veins, discolouration and pigmentation. You can also use Snow as a lightening shade for dark circles.
ShadowSense is a great product to use as an eye liner. As it is waterproof and long-lasting, it works great and because of the range of colours, you can add a pop of colour. Make sure to use an angled brush to apply the colour to the desired area! The product is buildable so you can go as light or dark as you want too.
Similarly, you can use it on your brows. There are so many different shades of browns so you can find something to suit your hair colour. While we do have our BrowSense product specifically for brows available, I find ShadowSense an easier product to work with. I use a small angle brush to fill in my eye brows and then brush it out with a brow brush. Remember, it's also buildable so you can create an ombre effect from dark to light, starting in the middle and working outwards.
 Moving onto the face palettes! We have some gorgeous pink shades which you can use for a blush. I would recommend the three pink shades in the image below, but for darker skin tones, Moca Java is a great choice. Use a stippling brush to blend a few dots on the cheek. The fun thing is you can also mix it into BlushSense to create a lighter, darker shade or shimmering shade.
Plus, some great shimmer shades and light shades to use as highlight. My go-to is Sandstone Pearl Shimmer but I think a pink is also really pretty. Highlight under your eyes to appear brighter, highlight cheek bones for more structure and the brow bone to open the eyes. The newest trend is to put a small dot on both the tip of you nose, but also your Cupid's bow to make lips look fuller too.
Finally, you can use ShadowSense as a contour. Due to the creamy nature of the product, they blend out seamlessly for a flawless face structure. I'll be honest, I don't contour very often; I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've done it because I have good cheek bones and so I don't think it necessarily adds anything. However, if you want to, use a few dots in the hollows of your cheeks, sides of nose, forehead, jawline and chin...basically, anywhere the shadow would normally be created on your face. Then, use a blending brush to blend up and out. Simple! Moca Java is great for lighter skin tones, whilst Garnet and Rustic Brown are better for medium to deep skin tones. many uses! Isn't it amazing?