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Mixing your own ShadowSense Shade!

Just like with LipSense, you can mix ShadowSense shades to create your own unique colour. To do this, you are best using an artists pallette but you can also just use your arm - although, be prepared to have a mark left over! Simply take a swipe of the colours you want to mix and swirl with a brush until happy.

This means two things! You can lighten and darken ShadowSense colours really simply and also create new shades by mixing ShadowSense colours. This is great for creating more wearable looks, but also for when there isn't a shade that quite fits your outfit.

However, you can also mix ShadowSense with our other products because it's a creme-to-powder product. This means you can add it to foundation, pearlizer and best of all, BlushSense!