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Wowing to Sell!

While you may be running your SheerSense/Senegence based business mainly on social media, there is also money to be made by in person sales and something we like to call wowing. Once the product is on people's lips, people will say...WOW!

It's an incredible product but a lot of people do have to see it in person to be truly amazed and believe in it. Tell someone everyday about LipSense and our other products. Make sure you're sharing the word and getting it, out into the world.

Try to carry around a mini tester kit or a wow bag with you at all times. Include a handful of colours and glossy gloss. Remember to take, cotton pads, lip applicators, witch hazel or cleansing wipes and of course, a mirror for people to see. If you have the means, it's useful to carry product to sell with you so that people can buy on the spot but honestly, it's not necessary, nor is it realistic to most.

When you do speak to people, always get their information (especially email addresses) and follow up with them. While it's great to give them your business card and have them be able to contact you, some people will loose it or forget. It's always good to be able to reach out to them too. Gently remind them of the product and where to find you at a later date.

Most importantly, while you can have prizes, giveaways and rewards, try to attempt to never discount the product. This didn't really resonate with me until Jeri told me...LipSense is the Apple of lipsticks. Do apple ever discount their products?

How true it that?! I was gobsmacked!

Also, if you do discount, don't do it regularly. People and customers will come to expect it and no one will ever buy the product at full price. Don't do that to yourself, your business or the products. The products are high quality and worth the money so don't undervalue them.