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All About: SeneDerm Translucid Loose Powder & Brush

SeneDerm Translucid Loose Powder and Brush is an all in one product. In a convenient all-in-one powder with brush applicator, you can easily transport the product without the hassle and have a mess free makeup bag.
Once creamy shades of SenseCosmetics products have been applied, dust a finishing layer of SeneDerm Translucid Powder to give your face a matte finished, shine-free look. They blot shine and absorb oil and perspiration. Plus, given that they are incredibly light so they finish virtually unnoticeable to the feel while leaving your look finished, refined and positively radiant.

They are formulated to be fine that it does not build-up in the wrinkles around your eye area as other powders can! The anti-ageing formula also includes anti-oxidants and peptides to reduce wrinkles. The finish also acts as a mechanical shield to protect your skin from the wear and tear of the day, including UV rays.

You can choose from Bronze Dust, Silver Rose or a Natural shade. The Natural shade features a one shade-fits-all technology to colour match to a variety of complexions. The Bronze Dust is perfect for a softer contour and bronzed finish, while the Silver Rose is the prettiest pink for a stunning blush.

SeneDerm Translucid Loose Powder is anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, extremely fine, fluffy and weightless. It will not accentuate or fill fine lines and is perfect for sensitive skin. It helps keep skin shine-free all day long by absorbing excess oil. Pores remain clear, allowing for the SenePlex Complex from the skin care and colour cosmetics to penetrate deeply, so you can fully experience the complete benefits of the 24-hour anti-ageing skin care properties.

It can also be used alone for a natural finish over clean skin, providing a mechanical shield from harmful elements. It is soothing to the skin and reduces redness and irritations. Peptides in this formulation work by providing the body with unique polysaccharides, helping to increase the energy in cells, aiding in repairing, renewing and revitalising the skin. The peptides directly provide essential nutrients and fatty acids to nourish the skin and help keep it hydrated and silky smooth. Included in the product are anti-oxidants which are free radical scavengers that promote anti-ageing benefits to the skin.

To use the product is very simple. While the product doesn't come out as easily as other similar products this actually saves you money because you are not wasting money! With the upper lid on and in place, turn the dispenser upside down and gently tap until a small amount of powder shifts into the top of the brush. Remove the lid and slide the safety barrel down to expose the brush.

For the Natural shade, apply by lightly brushing over the entire face, downward towards the chin, as the finishing step in your makeup routine. For Bronze Dust apply in the contour areas and similarly, for the Silver Rose apply on your cheeks.