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Social Media: 5 to Stay Alive

Something that has taken me a while to put into place is to do 5 actions per day...5 a day to stay alive.

As a mainly online run business, your online presence has got to be an important mindset to success. Posting on some sort of social media 5 times a day is a relatively easy task to accomplish successfully. While I don't necessarily manage this every single day, I'm proud to say I do it most, although, my Instagram photos go on my Business Page and Twitter account as well, rather than separate posts entirely.

For example, most days I tend to post:
  • Twice on Instagram 
  • Once on my Website (five times a week) 
  • Twice on my Business Page
  • Twice on my Twitter
  • Twice in my VIP Customer Group
  • Once on my YouTube channel (twice a week)
  • Once on Pinterest (five times a week)
With all that being said, posting for the sake of posting is not the be all and end all. The photos and content must be quality. It's also useful to post interactive posts, especially in the customer groups. 

Finally, don't just post to have something posted. Post something to actually achieve something and to actively support your own learning as well and make sure to stay relevant to your branding.