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Urbanisation and SeneShield

Atmospheric pollution peaks are increasingly common. Today, there are cities where this pollution is already part of everyday life. In some areas, the sun can no longer easily break through the pollution, even in the height of summer.

The effects of pollution are intensified depending on the concentrations of pollutant substances and the frequency and duration of exposure. They range from simple irritation of the mucus membranes to respiratory diseases, skin cancers or disorders affecting the nervous or digestive systems.

Pollution can have dramatic impacts on the skin. It can alter the skin’s moisture-regulating capacity due to free radicals generated by pollutants. When put to such a harsh test, the skin barrier can lose its integrity and dry out. Asphyxiated or even intoxicated, the skin can lose its radiance and take on a muddy complexion. The first signs of inflammation quickly appear through redness and tingling. Last, but not least, it should be noted that pollution can also be responsible for the significant rise in the number of sensitive or reactive skin types amongst urban populations.

Cigarette smoke is another pollutant that is equally harmful to the beauty and health of the skin. Smoking isn’t only dangerous for the lungs! Cigarette smoke contains heavy metals such as cadmium, which generates free radicals on the surface of the skin and can alter its structure.

Because of the hole in the ozone layer, the concentration of U.V. (ultra violet) radiations reaching the surface of the Earth is constantly increasing. Now, ever-present U.V. radiations are no longer just a summer hazard. They partner in damage with free radicals and can threaten the body’s biological stability and its integrity.
Many of Senegence's products contain an advanced technology component called SeneShield. This is an urbanisation-defending blend of ingredients, specifically formulated to combat these hazards, for example SeneSerum-C.

SeneShield includes a natural plant sorbitol and yeast extract, creating a non-occlusive (non-clogging), transparent shield for skin that protects and helps reduce ageing. It also helps to protect skin from damage caused by UV-A and UV-B radiation, due to urbanisation and the pollutants in the environment.