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Our Upline Paths!

Recently, myself along with the rest of my SheerSister's that make up the Independent Distributors at SheerSense, shared our upline stories. I abolutely loved reading everyone's stories! It was so cool to see how closely linked everyone is. At the end of the day, we all stem Joni.
One example of an upline path!

My direct upline is Alycia Crowley in the US and then I'm on Jalynn Schroeder's second line who is a crown princess! I loved seeing that she got an award at Leaders, despite them spelling her name wrong. Oops!

So my story, I've somewhat mentioned it before but for any new readers, here's a summary.

I watch a lot of YouTubers and a couple of them started talking about LipSense. One of them is also a blogger and wrote a huge blog post about it, and after her mentioning it in tutorials multiple times, I wanted it. Unfortunately she couldn't sell it in the UK as she is American. A couple of months later, in November, another YouTuber advertised the opportunity but told me it wasn't in the UK yet. I had never thought about joining before but I was super excited so really disappointed when I couldn't. She did promise she would get back to me when it was available.

I guess, at the time, SheerSense was still really new so wasn't well known and still isn't all that known.

Anyway, fast forward 6 months and another YouTuber posted about growing her team. She had a much smaller channel and blog so we'd been talking a little beforehand. I think I commented something about how I wish it was in the UK...and she said it was! S

he sent me an introductory email that was HUGE. She was very open and honest in how it works and what she could offer, plus she discussed the whole out of stock situation which the company was overcoming. I loved that she wasn't just selling me on the successes.

Having asked all my questions with quick responses, I signed up the next day and never looked back! I'm having so much fun. It's without a doubt, the best decision I've ever made.

If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to message me because I would absolutely love to have you on my team!