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Which Brushes?

SeneGence's products are all vegan and use no animal based products. Also, given the liquid and natural nature of the ingredients, they are made to be used with synthetic brushes.

SeneGence's own brushes are fantastic for achieving a flawless finish and also for saving product to avoid waste. The bristles don't soak up the product. Also, they are soft on your delicate skin and hygienic to use.
A perfect use of brushes is with ShadowSense. You can easily blend ShadowSense by lightly stroking the colour over the lid with your fingertip once it is applied. However, if a more detailed controlled colouration is desired, or you would like to contour a colour, apply ShadowSense with the product applicator, then disperse the colour with a separate sponge, sponge tip applicator or small make-up brush. A makeup brush will help you control the colour better. Once applied, use a fluffy eye makeup brush to blend the colours together.