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5 Brush Cleaning Tips!

It is really important to clean them and SeneGence's SeneCosmetics Brush Cleaner is a two step product which first cleanses the bristles and then disinfects them. It will get your makeup tools squeaky clean, protecting your skin and your investment.

Here are some top tips to follow and remember when cleaning your brushes!
  1. Cleaning brushes often is a must - dirty makeup brushes can cause all kinds of problems, like messy makeup application, breakouts and damage on your skin from the built up bacteria. Cleaning your makeup brushes once a week will help keep your skin clear, your makeup looking flawless and your brushes lasting longer.
  2. Never soak them - soaking brushes can cause water to seep into the handle, which can then loosen the glue that holds it together, causing the brush to fall apart. To avoid this, make sure you just swirl the bristles only in a cup with Brush Cleaner, not completely submerging them.
  3. Lay them flat to dry - once clean, use a dry towel and gently squeeze around the bristles so they’re not soaking wet. Lay the brushes on a dry towel on a flat surface. If you can, lay brushes out to dry closer to windows or fresh air.
  4. Fluff the bristles - your brushes’ bristles might need a little help with reshaping after cleansing. When they are completely dry, just fluff the bristles a bit with clean fingers.
  5. Know when it’s time to say goodbye - if you take care of your brushes, they will last a long time, but nothing lasts forever. If your brush is shedding, the handle breaks, or you can’t get a brush clean anymore, it’s time to toss the brush in the trash.