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Useful Distributor Information

I thought I would share a few little snippets of information about working with Senegence and SheerSense.

In terms of the company itself, it is not a pyramidal scheme because your downlines can outrank you as their upline. There is also no financial breakage, aka dominions stay apart of your team, so you don't go from earning lots to earning nothing and it doesn't affect group sales volume (hence bonus') after the team breakaway.

When it comes to receiving information directly from the company and business updates, these come from weekly conference calls. Sometimes these are only available to crown princess and above, but those with a rank of Lady and above may also have a separate weekly conference call. These leaders then share the information within their dominion and downlines.
Some useful resources to find business supplies that are affordable to quality are:
  • Vantastitch
  • Hlmprinting 
  • Avery labels
It's a great company to work with and it is such an amazing opportunity, creating wonderful potential. If you want to join the company and my team, be sure to message me to and ask any questions before we sign you up!