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Why Clean your Makeup Brushes?

45% of people never clean their makeup brushes. You wash your face daily, but if you’re cleansing and moisturizing only to follow up with a sticky, oil laden brush, you’re brushing dirt and grime right back on your face. You can protect your beautiful skin and preserve your artistry tools by washing your makeup brushes regularly.

Here are 5 reasons to clean your brushes at least once every week.
  1. Dirty brushes cause breakouts and irritation due to bacteria, oil and dirt accumulated in them.
  2. Dirty brushes negatively affect colour payoff of your SeneCosmetics, or other makeup.
  3. Dirty brushes do not allow product to be well-blended or applied with precision.
  4. Cleaning your brushes keeps them in good shape and prolongs their life, which protects your financial investment.
  5. Dirty brushes can cross contaminate your products and cause them to spoil.