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Upselling Tips!

Upselling is a great way to have people spend more money as they are already placing an order. There are a few things that are important to know about it that will help everyone be successful, especially during holiday seasons and special occasions.

1. It has been shown that customers will purchase the upsell 33% of the time. So if you ask 10 people, 3 will actually say yes. That means it's okay to have people say no! Don't be afraid.

2. Upselling works well because the customer is already in the buying frame of mind. Don't ask before they have decided on which products to order. Wait until they have given you their order and then ask them if they would like to add on 'x' product because it does blah blah blah for them. For example, if they are purchasing a Starter Kit, would they like to swap out the Ooops! Remover for Fooops! Remover instead because it can remove so much more, as well as LipSense.

3. Having a low point of entry to a higher cost purchase works better than the other way around. For example, if they are purchasing foundation at £50, they will be less inclined to purchase a gloss at £20. However, if they are purchasing a gloss at "20, it is easier to get them to purchase ShadowSense, BlushSense or another LipSense which are all just slightly above the pricing margin. When offering the upsell, to increase your odds of them buying, keep this in mind.

4. Watch how you ask. Try not the question if they want it, but instead say how it would be perfect for them. For example, "Perfect choices! Right now, I have Fooops! for £20 and it's the perfect addition to your order. I can easily add that to your invoice." or "Thank you for your Lipsense order. I love the colours you chose! When I wear Praline Rose, I love pairing it with Moca Java ShadowSense. It literally stays on all day long! I have one on hand and can add it to the invoice."

5. If they don't bite and add it on, you have planted a seed for them to consider next time. Be sure to make a note in their customer file that you mentioned it, because when following up, recommend it again and the odds of them biting this time are increased.

This is shared from an amazing leader and has been going around multiple teams so I thought I would share it here too! Hope it helps for future sales.