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Senegence Night Time Routine for Acne Prone Skin!

My night time routine has become a lot more detailed over the past few months. Before Senegence I used to wash my face and apply my prescription medication but now it's had a few more products added in. I'm still quite basic and there aren't a huge tonne of products but there are defintely some.

I start by brushing my teeth and as all the makeup I wear is waterproof, it stays on! I then put on a thick layer of Ooops! Remover on my lips or a layer of Fooops! Remover all over my face. The removers get the makeup off really easily but the tip is to let the product sit for at least a couple of minutes. It's at this point I tie my hair up and put on my pyjamas.

I use my makeup eraser flannel to take off all my makeup. I find it super easy to use just with warm water and it's so soft, it doesn't hurt or scratch my delicate skin. Some flannels can be super painful, especially when I large active acne at times. I begin going over my lips to get my LipSense off and then take of my foundation after. Purely from an infection side, I use each side of my flannel once, using half each time so I use it for 4 removals before washing.

Once I've taken my makeup off, I use the 3 in 1 cleansers to wash my face. I have so far switched between Oily to Acne (my favourite) and Normal to Oily, but love the more exfoliating Normal to Oily at the moment. At first I absolutely hated the volcanic ash particles but now I love that I can feel them and it makes me skin so soft.

I then pat dry my face before applying my prescription medication for my spots. When that is no longer wet, I apply 2 pumps of Climate Control. I love that it comes out as a mist but I do tend to put it into the palm of my hands rather than directly onto my face. Depending on the time, I then either apply that to my face alone, then follow with one pump of SeneSerum-C or I also apply the SeneSerum-C to my palm, mix the two and then apply together. Either works, it just depends if I'm lazy or not.

Two things to point out here is that the c-beads in the SeneSerum-C are active but do sometimes need to be crushed to be broken down and the Climate Control has very small molecules so if you don't want the SeneSerum-C, it does have to be sealed in with another moisturiser regardless.

One of my favourite things about having all my products be Senegence is that because they are so concentrated, the containers are quite small. It's great for travelling because despite having more products, they actually still all fit in my favourite wash bag!

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